Upcoming works notification

3 months ago

The Border to Gowrie team will be in the field regularly for the rest of the year. We’ll be doing surveys within the study area, including on public land, road reserves and the Queensland Rail corridor. Investigations on private property will be arranged on a voluntary basis with individual landowners. All investigations are weather permitting.

Works will include:

Geotechnical site investigations
Identifying potential locations to carry out geotechnical surveys. Work will involve one vehicle with two people visually inspecting and photographing sites.

Water surveys
Landowners in the project footprint will be contacted in coming weeks to discuss water infrastructure (such as bores and dams) on their properties. This survey builds on information shared during the focused area of investigation engagement and will be used to better understand how water is collected and used on properties.

Aerial LiDAR surveys
Ground model survey data will be acquired along the alignment from North Star to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton using an aircraft and aerial laser measurements to create a ground surface model. A twin-engine light commercial aircraft will fly parallel to the proposed rail route. Some survey personnel will carry out ground validation checks from the roadway. This work will be carried out by Inland Rail staff and our contractor AAMGroup.

Other activities
If we need to complete further investigations requiring additional work, we will update this notification and upload it to the Border to Gowrie web page. What to expect:

  • light aircraft flying at +600m above the ground, sometimes making multiple flyovers
  • white wooden pegs used to mark out investigation sites
  • vehicle and machinery movements in the study area and on local roads
  • machinery left at investigation sites overnight
  • consultants completing ‘walkovers’ on private and public land.

Investigations will be undertaken between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Sunday, weather permitting. For more information, check out the latest works notification.

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