A+ for giving equipment new lease on life

Something that looked like part of the alien spaceship from The War of the Worlds movie was sustainably reused in late 2023 during track lowering works at the Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North site.

January 25, 2024

An A-Frame Rail Aligner on a railway track

Among the many machines and equipment used in the rail industry, the A-Frame Rail Aligner is a unique-looking precision calibration tool designed to ensure rail is laid at the correct stress-free temperature set out by Australian Standards.

If the rail is too hot it risks buckling, too cold it risks breaking. The A-Frame Rail Aligner is critical to ensuring rail safety.

But what happens when this equipment needs to be replaced?

Rather than it going to waste, this old A-Frame Rail Aligner (pictured) has been given a new lease on life.

Instead of providing precision calibration, it’s now being used to clamp the rail in position during the welding process to ensure the perfect weld geometry and increase worker safety.

If you’re ever travelling along the Albury to Melbourne line at Barnawartha North, know that the A-Frame Rail Aligner both old and new has played its part.

Inland Rail is committed to sustainability, with several sections achieving ‘Excellent’ Design ratings from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council. For more information read our 5th Annual Sustainability Report.

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January 25, 2024