Appreciating our local history at Gummingurru

Organised by Inland Rail Indigenous Participation Advisor, Ashley Williams and led by local Traditional Owners, the tour was a unique opportunity for the team to build relationships and learn about the area’s First Nations people.

Two members of the Gummingurru community performing a traditional dance

“Inland Rail recognises the importance of Aboriginal people’s knowledge and connection to land,” Mr Williams said.

“Cultural appreciation tours are an important part of working collaboratively with Aboriginal communities along the alignment to identify and preserve cultural heritage, as well as create opportunities for social and economic development.

“It was great to give the project team an insight into the area’s First Nations people.”

Gummingurru is one of a series of ceremonial places where young Aboriginal men were initiated into manhood before continuing on to participate in ‘men’s business’.

Gummingurru was handed back to its original custodians 12 years ago and is now open to anyone interested in learning about Aboriginal culture and heritage. For more information visit their website.


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