ARTC Inland Rail and NSW Farmers Association release information pack for farmers

ARTC Inland Rail and the NSW Farmers’ Association (NSWFA) have worked together to develop a new information pack that acknowledges and addresses issues of concern to property owners in relation to the construction of the Inland Rail program of works.

Aerial view of farmland north of Narrabri

In December 2021 the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee report on Inland Rail recommended that an independent mediator be employed to facilitate an improved working relationship between ARTC Inland Rail and NSWFA.

In response to this recommendation, ARTC Inland Rail and NSWFA have been engaging in open and productive mediator-facilitated discussions, working through issues of mutual concern.

Following these productive discussions, ARTC Inland Rail and NSWFA have jointly produced an information pack that provides further details on how ARTC Inland Rail is addressing issues of concern to landowners including the property acquisition process, fencing standards and Inland Rail’s complaint management process.

The release of this joint information pack for property owners is a demonstration of our shared commitment with NSWFA to listening and understanding each party’s perspective and reaching mutually beneficial solutions which enable the safe and efficient delivery of Inland Rail for the benefit of regional Australia.

Click here to view the information pack.

Rebecca Pickering, Acting Chief Executive, Inland Rail, said:

‘ARTC Inland Rail is delighted to have worked with NSWFA to produce this information pack for property owners on the Inland Rail route.

‘We have worked very closely with NSWFA to develop an improved understanding of how we can work more effectively together and deliver better outcomes for property owners.

‘We are confident that this information pack that we have developed with NSWFA will be a valuable resource for property owners and will help them better engage with Inland Rail.”