Beaconsfield Parade bridge works, Glenrowan: March 2024

Construction of the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge will be completed this month.



March 2024 - March 2024

Working hours

7am-7pm Monday-Friday

7am-5pm Weekends

Continuous work from 6am Saturday, 9 March to 6pm Monday ,11 March.


Beaconsfield Parade bridge

  • Glenrowan
Local Government Area
  • The Rural City of Wangaratta

Work being done

Following the opening of the new bridge, works during March will include removal of the old Beaconsfield Parade bridge, installing new street lighting and preparing for the installation of pedestrian handrails and anti-throw screens.

Minor water main works around the bridge near Siege Street will also occur.

Other works include excavations and piling for the deflection walls and construction of local roads and footpaths.

Round-the-clock works will also be undertaken during a track possession between 6am Saturday, 9 March and 6pm Monday, 11 March.

What can I expect

  • Traffic and pedestrian access via the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge after opening resulting in no access to Siege Street from Beaconsfield Parade (see below map)
  • Heavy machinery and equipment operating onsite
  • Delivery of materials and equipment
  • Trucks and other vehicles entering and exiting the construction site may cause minor traffic delays
  • Limited access to the northern-end of Woolshed Road other than to local businesses and residents
  • Temporary streetlighting in place to assist pedestrians crossing the new bridge.

Traffic changes

  • Vehicles will use the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge.
  • Siege Street will become a ‘no through road’.
  • Pedestrians will use the new bridge shared user path and temporary pedestrian pathway along Siege Street. Works are continuing to complete the connecting footpaths and provide improved access to Glenrowan’s key heritage sites.

Works notification - Glenrowan - March 2024 Map 2 - Inland Rail


Machinery used

Trucks, cranes, excavators, concrete trucks and pumps, loaders, and light vehicles will be used within the works area.

How we’re managing impacts

Water carts will be onsite to wet down areas to assist in managing dust

Traffic controls will be in place, where required, including Variable Message Signage (VMS) boards

Live monitoring of noise, dust, and vibration.


Phone: 1800 929 244