Benalla Working Group – Chair’s update March 2021

The latest Benalla Working Group meeting was held on Tuesday 2 March 2021. Eight of the 12 local community representatives attended, including two nominated Benalla Rural City Councillors – Cr. Justin King and Cr. Gail O’Brien.

Cath Botta - Benalla Working Group chair

The purpose of the meeting was to present the Draft Urban Design Framework (UDF) for Benalla. Representatives from the ARTC-appointed consultants AECOM and ARTC projects team members outlined the draft UDF and responded to key questions posed by Working Group members. 

The UDF for Benalla aims to capture the key values and attributes that need to be incorporated into the proposed design solution for the Benalla station precinct works.

The UDF comprises an overall project vision, underlying principles, and a set of specific objectives for Benalla. 

The draft objectives presented to the Working Group were:

1. A station that is visually and physically connected to Carrier Street and Benalla’s town centre, promoting pedestrian accessibility and facilitating activity and vibrancy.

2. A safe and accessible station that provides for prioritised, safe, and secure pedestrian access between Mackellar Street, the station, car parking and bus stops for all abilities.

3. A precinct that has removed, minimised, and mitigated the visual impacts of infrastructure to Mackellar Street and adjacent properties and integrates seamlessly with the residential character of the area.

4. A heritage precinct that increases the prominence of the existing heritage buildings and celebrates the heritage character of central Benalla.

5. A precinct readied for further growth and facilitating future investment into cross town connections, regeneration and development of the precinct itself and areas north of the railway line.

The group discussed the draft objectives and suggested some amendments for AECOM to consider.

ARTC have been holding information sessions to seek community feedback on the draft UDF. More information can be found on the ARTC website, while community members and interested stakeholders are invited to visit the pop op shop at 50 Nunn Street, Benalla to learn more about the UDF. The following actions were noted at the meeting: 

A presentation on the project scope and non-negotiables be provided by ARTC at the April meeting. 

ARTC provide a summary of feedback to AECOM for consideration as part of the UDF for Benalla.

Independent Chair
Benalla Working Group
Cath Botta