What is the Community Feedback Panel?

    The Community Feedback Panel (CFP) is an Inland Rail first, allowing for virtual collaboration and discussion by diverse stakeholders across wide distances in a central location across the 305km Tottenham to Albury alignment. In addition to face to face meetings, events and information sharing, the Panel is another way for the community to have their say on issues that matter most to them, provide feedback and inform design development.

    How does the Community Feedback Panel differ to a Community Consultative Committee (CCC)?

    The Inland Rail CCC's are small, closed groups (approximately 15 members) that meet face-to-face to discuss set topics. The Tottenham to Albury CFP is open to all. It can be as big or as small as the community wants. Numbers are governed only by how many people want to participate. It is a place where we can provide information but where panelists can also receive updates, share their thoughts and engage in discussions with their neighbours in real time.

    In contrast to a CCC, which is held through scheduled, face-to-face formal meetings between members of a closed group, the CFP is a digital space where interested members of the community can openly have their say in an online conversation, at any time, from anywhere.

    How can I participate?

    To get involved and have your say, follow the prompts to sign up on our website and register to receive updates and alerts about upcoming ways you can participate. Some of the questions we’re asking you on the form are there to help us understand broadly who we’re talking to – we won’t be sharing this information with anyone else.

    Is participation strictly online only, or will there be offline engagement?

    All CFP activities will be online; however we will be using the panels to provide information on opportunities for face-to-face engagement with us when we are in your community.

    What are the benefits of a CFP?

    The main purpose for creating the CFP is to extend our reach into the community to share information and gather feedback more widely. Benefits include:
    - Real time engagement
    - Ongoing discussion
    - Targeted conversations on things that matter to the panelists
    - Anyone can participate in the conversation, anytime from anywhere
    - Transparent approach to community engagement, where citizens can have their say in an environment run for and by them 

    What will I be required to do as a participant?

    Nothing. You can simply read and digest information. But there will be opportunity also to provide feedback through a variety of tools on the panel webpage. Most of these tools only take a few minutes to complete and are designed with ease of use in mind. All feedback submitted via the panel will help Inland Rail and ARTC to better understand community views and to help shape important decisions about project components in your community

    What's in it for me?

    This is direct line into the project where questions can be asked and answered Your opinions will also be welcomed. To ensure you keep in the loop be sure to register to receive our electronic newsletter which also displays key topics, and project news updates.