Early site investigations now complete

Deep basalt layers and wide ranges of geology were discovered during our recently completed early investigations for Inland Rail in Victoria. 

ARTC drilling site on a property owned by Teen Challenge, near Toowomba. Drill hole number is 320-01-BH2101 - Sam Coombes, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Golders and Associates , Ed Smith, Geotechnical Engineer, Golders and Associates, Peter Thomas Chief Geologist ARTC,

Starting in March, we’ve been conducting geotechnical investigations, utilities investigations, condition inspections of existing infrastructure (e.g. bridges), topographical surveys and train signalling infrastructure surveys across Barnawartha North, Wangaratta, Glenrowan, Seymour, and Tallarook.

We’d like to thank those local residents and stakeholders for the cooperation and support while we accessed their properties to complete these survey activities. 

Senior Utilities Engineer Scott O’Neill was pleased with how the work was carried out and the positive response from communities.

“These investigations are important during planning of a project like Tottenham to Albury because they provide a thorough understanding of the existing conditions at a stage where the design and construction methodology is still being determined,” Scott said.

“The data we gather will give us a better understanding of ground conditions and help us optimise design and construction solutions to provide better value for money and reduce community impacts during construction,” Scott said. 

Some key findings from geological investigations include:

  • Deep basalt layer discovered 20 metres below the surface at Glenrowan
  • Variable geology at Seymour-Avenel Road.
  • River gravels within the boreholes drilled into the ground at Green Street in Wangaratta.

Completed investigations have focused on the first five enhancement sites, and further investigations will be undertaken for remaining sites including Benalla, Euroa and Broadford.

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