Green light for signal gantry replacement in Victoria

Some might consider signal gantries the silent heroes of the rail line. Often overlooked, signal gantries have a very important role in ensuring trains get where they need to safely and without incident.

Cantilever signal gantry.

Signal gantries operate similar to traffic lights, facilitating the safe passage of trains by indicating when a line ahead is occupied and ensuring sufficient space between trains or to regulate train speeds.

With the introduction of double-stacked freight trains, our construction contractor McConnell Dowell is undertaking works on the signals along the North East rail line to achieve the required clearance.

In most cases this requires a full replacement with a taller signal structure.

McConnell Dowell will replace five cantilever signal gantries (pictured above) and three signal masts for Inland Rail in Victoria.

Image caption: Cantilever signal gantry.