Illabo to Stockinbingal project update March 2021

During our recent community information sessions in March, we shared our interim reference design for the Illabo to Stockinbingal project, including the preferred alignment and design updates for level crossings, bridges, and our flood model.

Burley Griffin Way, Stockinbingal interim design

The benefits of the updated design included improved outcomes for previously impacted landowners, key environmental wins and cultural heritage preservation. The revised design significantly reduces bulk earthworks across the Illabo to Stockinbingal project, which will reduce construction time, improve budget outcomes and have fewer environmental impacts.

In particular, the project team revised the alignment adjacent to the Olympic Highway at Illabo to use the existing rail corridor, significantly reducing earthworks.

In shifting the alignment at Stockinbingal Junction, the team were able to reduce a large cutting through the hill, yet still provide the 140,000 cubic metres necessary to construct the Burley Griffin Way Overpass. By using locally sourced material we do not need to truck in materials. In addition to the alignment shift, revising the design at this key location reduces impacts to existing waterways, which also means we can reduce the number of culverts and bridges required.

Cultural heritage investigations are a key component of the design work on Inland Rail. The team worked collaboratively with local Indigenous groups to shift the alignment design to preserve and protect a scar tree identified during our investigations and planning.

The team will return to the community with a finalised reference design by the middle of this year as we finalise our Environmental Impact Statement.

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