Indigenous artwork takes pride of place in Toowoomba office

Respect and recognition are key aspects of our ongoing engagement with the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Inland Rail will be built and operated. This month, the Toowoomba office proudly installed Continuous Connection by Western Wakka Wakka artist Belinda Smith. The artwork symbolises the tracks of Belinda’s ancestors who left their footprints on country for future generations.

Inland Rail staff standing in Toowoomba office reception holding a piece of Indigenous artwork by Western Wakka Wakka artist, Belinda Smith

Inland Rail Indigenous Participation Advisor, Ashley Williams plays a critical role in ensuring the project works in partnership with Indigenous communities to create meaningful opportunities for participation and inclusion. 

“Celebrating Indigenous culture at a local and regional level is an important part of our Indigenous Participation Plan,” Mr Williams said.

“By hanging Indigenous artwork in our offices we’re showcasing the unique talent of Traditional Custodians and giving Indigenous artists an opportunity to be part of Inland Rail.

“Belinda’s artwork represents how Western Wakka Wakka ancestors live on through Mother Earth, within the animals which were their source of food and warmth, in the plants and trees that provided food, medicine and shelter, and the air they once breathed,” he continued. 

“We’re proud to hang Belinda’s artwork in our office reception and visitors and passers-by are welcome to drop in and see it any time.”

Visit our website to find out how we’re respecting, working collaboratively and building strong relationships with  Indigenous communities. 

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