Inland Rail scholarships awarded at La Trobe University

Three undergraduate scholarships valued at up to $20,000 each have been awarded by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to La Trobe University students as part of the Inland Rail Skills Academy program.

June 10, 2020

The whole program Scholarship Media release
Inland Rail scholarship recipients from La Trobe University

The scholarship program is open to undergraduate degree students living within areas close to the ARTC’s Inland Rail alignment and provides financial assistance of $5000 per year of study.

The scholarship enables students to undertake studies and ultimately pursue careers to enrich and diversify regional economies and contribute positively to their communities. Successful students also receive invaluable support from La Trobe to help them integrate and stay engaged in their studies.

Inland Rail Director Community & Environment Rebecca Pickering said Inland Rail is keen to support regional students by providing opportunities for them to graduate into careers which will add value to their local communities.

“These scholarships, and any employment opportunities they unlock, will act as a catalyst for positive change in many regional communities along the Inland Rail project alignment, and we are delighted to partner with La Trobe University in support of our locals,” Ms Pickering said.

Scholarship recipient and biomedical science student at La Trobe’s Albury-Wodonga campus Madeline Tomkins said the Inland Rail Scholarship is the first step in her plan to give back to her local community, where she wants to fill gaps in medical resourcing she feels currently exist in regional Victoria.

“This Inland Rail scholarship will give me future financial stability to get the best education I can, before putting my roots down in a regional area like Wodonga, where I am determined to become a paediatrics specialist”. Ms Tomkins

“People need to be supported and encouraged to stay in their community to study and work, rather than having to move away in the hope they’ll one day return. Scholarships like this one offer that level of support to help keep local people in their hometowns once they leave school and begin their careers.

“The strength and solid connection that develops in regional communities is often overlooked by society, and I want to be able to practice paediatrics in a rural area to support families from these communities and help give back.

“Families who have a sick child need to either go through significant financial hardship to get their child to and from specialist appointments in the city, or the child has to travel all that way by themselves, which is equally devastating.”

LaTrobe Pro-Vice Chancellor (Regional) Dr Guinever Threlkeld said the scholarships were extremely helpful to students, especially in these tough times.

“I would like to thank ARTC for so generously supporting our regional students. This year, many students are facing hardships due to COVID-19 causing their part time jobs to disappear, and their families to shoulder extra costs,” Dr Threlkeld said.

“These substantial scholarships ensure that students, who might not otherwise afford a tertiary education, are receiving critical financial support that enables them to pursue their studies.

“La Trobe’s regional graduates drive about $100 million each year into the Victorian economy. Through our valued partnership, ARTC is directly contributing to the University’s positive impact on regional and rural communities.”

For information about scholarships in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria through the Inland Rail Skills Academy, visit:

June 10, 2020

The whole program Scholarship Media release


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