It’s time to get ‘Inland Rail-ready’

Most of the benefits of Inland Rail will be felt in Queensland, with a forecast of about $7.8 billion in gross state product and nearly 12,000 direct and indirect jobs generated. With plenty of opportunities for involvement, now’s the time to get Inland Rail-ready.

Local civil works subcontractor standing with machinery used to build Inland Rail

We engage major construction contractors who, in turn, use smaller suppliers and businesses to deliver a variety of goods, services and works to complete the supply chain for the delivery of Inland Rail.

BHQ JV, as the preferred Civil Works Program proponent for the Border to Gowrie project, will initially work with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to review the project’s reference design and develop construction plans and methodologies ahead of the development of a fully costed proposal for the first of the works packages next year.

BHQ JV will now seek partnerships with businesses and skilled operators that can support project delivery such as transport operators, fencing, quarries, earthworks and electrical companies.

To find out about potential supply opportunities, we encourage local businesses to create a profile and register their interest in Inland Rail projects on ICN Gateway.

What’s included in the Civil Works Program?

Civil works are those construction activities that prepare the rail corridor and surrounding worksites for the track to be laid. Civil works do not include rail works or signalling works.

Civil works comprise a broad range of construction activities such as:

  • completing site remediation, demolition, clearing, excavating, worksite temporary fencing and material haulage
  • relocating existing or installing new utilities
  • earthworks to construct embankments and cuttings (including placement of general fill, structural fill, and capping)
  • construction and installation of bridges and viaducts, culverts, and drainage
  • constructing maintenance access roads, public and private roadworks
  • setting up security, permanent fencing, signage and site offices

Visit our website to find out how your business can get involved.

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