Jagera artwork showcases deep connection to country

We recently received an artwork done by Ngarijan Rosser titled ‘My Country, My Totem’ which we’ve proudly displayed in our Brisbane office and welcome everyone to view.

Jagera artwork titled My Country, My Totem by artist Ngarijan Rosser presented to ARTC employees

Inland Rail Calvert to Kagaru section will be built and operated on the traditional lands of the Jagera People.

As part of our commitment to recognise the Jagera People’s inherent connection to the land, we commissioned an artwork which is currently on display at our Brisbane office.

Artwork title: My Country, My Totem
 Ngarijan Rosser (Jagera)
Description: “This painting is a representation of connection through country. The emu is the totem for my tribe and the lines connect through my tribe. The larger lines represent the connections to different campsites. Our people never stayed in one place for too long, as we knew to take care of the land you must give each campsite time to heal and regrow.

The smaller lines that fill the background represent the land and its influence on our culture through song and dance, the food we eat and sacred sites for ceremonies. From the land you have all you need to survive.

The lilly pillies, wattle and jebins (witchetty grubs) are all resources for us and the emu. The emu eats lilly pillies, wattle, and grubs. My people eat lilly pillies and grubs, and the wattle’s wood is good for making clap sticks.”

We are proud to hang Ngarijan’s artwork in our Brisbane office reception area and we welcome all to view it.

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