New mobile towers boost reception for two local communities

Two new mobile network towers are bringing better coverage and more reliable service to communities in the Narromine and Warrumbungle shires.

[12:44 pm] Marta Wilkins Recently installed 50m mobile tower at Mount Tenandra

The 50-metre towers, funded by Inland Rail, will facilitate train system connectivity once Inland Rail is operational and improve community coverage.

Mobile users should see improved service quality near Kickabil, from the tower on Cobboco Road, close to Collie Road. The second tower, near Mount Tenandra on Box Ridge Road near National Park Road, should also deliver better depth of coverage and performance for the area.

Both tower upgrades will help families and friends feel safer and more connected and support improved productivity and safety on farms.

Both towers are fitted with 5G-capable antennae, enabling local homes and businesses to receive 5G services without additional future network upgrades.

Through initiatives like this, Inland Rail is realising benefits from regional development and leaving a long-term positive legacy for communities along the alignment.

As the mobile telecommunication enhancements are rolled out along the Inland Rail alignment, Telstra will manage ongoing operations and maintenance.