Moree battery business powers up thanks to Inland Rail opportunities

Moree-based Mobas Batteries has grown its business and hired new staff to service new diversified business opportunities presented by the Inland Rail project.

Craig and Melinda Atherton at the front desk of their auto supply business Mobas Batteries

Since buying the business in 2015, Mobas Batteries owners Craig and Melinda Atherton have seen first-hand how supporting the Narrabri to North Star Phase 1 section can expand growth horizons and provide sustainable opportunities for locals.

“We were excited about the business, but also about the future prospects of the region,” said Craig.

In 2019, Mobas moved their operations to a larger operations site. They also diversified their offering beyond battery supply and install by hiring a qualified auto electrician ahead of the start of Phase 1 construction.

“Having the extra manpower and expertise on site has allowed us to expand our range and diversify the once exclusive battery business to have the additional Auto Electrical component.

“When the contractor started to mobilise in early 2021, coinciding with a good season, things took off and since then, you could say, our business has gone gang busters,” Craig said.

By investing in the business, Craig and Melinda have increased non-battery product sales and it seems Mobas batteries are emerging as the supplier of choice for small and large projects.

“Our product range has grown substantially and it doesn’t look like slowing down as we are increasingly becoming the first stop for many tradespersons and businesses with parts and accessories.”

“We have upskilled our staff and recently added another team member to our roster,” Melinda said.

“Inland Rail has breathed a life into the town that was simmering below the surface. Families are prospering, businesses are opening and expanding and local projects and events that have been taking place have all been either directly or indirectly the result of Inland Rail.

“We are now equipped to handle large projects and contracts coming into the Moree region, for example the special activation precinct that is taking shape,” Craig said.

“We have had a fantastic experience with all aspects of the Narrabri to North Star Phase 1 section. From the now familiar faces of construction team members in the workshop to the boost in skills and services that we’re now offering, we have nothing but positives to show for our interactions with Inland Rail.”

IMAGE: Craig and Melinda Atherton at the front desk of their auto supply business Mobas Batteries.