Newsagency excited for local spending in Forbes

Just take a step into the Forbes newsagency, News on Rankin, and manager Danni Tuckerman will do her best to ensure you have what you need.

Forbes newsagent employee Danni Tuckerman

“I’m known for working here and often come to work with a list down my arm of what people want as they pass me in the street, at school drop off and in the shops on my way to work,” Ms Tuckerman said. 

“I’m not shy and I like helping people, so if we don’t have what you want, we will get it for you.”

She has been working at News on Rankin for eight years, but the business has been part of the community for many more and it’s central to everyday life.

“We are an essential business. We didn’t shut during Covid, our hours just changed. So instead of opening at 5.30am we operate from 6.45am to 5pm and till 5.30pm on Thursday.”

Ms Tuckerman said the town of Forbes relies on the newsagency for many items including daily newspapers and lottery tickets, but it is also the key place for customers to buy and top up the Why Leave Town debit cards set up by the Forbes Business Chamber.

The debit cards provide a convenient way for spending to stay in the local community, and Ms Tuckerman said the introduction of Inland Rail to Forbes would hopefully see the money earned in Forbes is also spent in Forbes.

“There will be 16,000 jobs from Inland Rail and that is going to help bring people in that will spend locally.”

Ms Tuckerman is also excited about what Inland Rail will do for the community long-term, as it increases customer access to bigger domestic and international markets.

“Inland Rail will help with shipping and efficiently delivering services for the community of the central west region, which will bring a lot of business to the town,” she said.

“Anything that can help a small community get goods and products more efficiently is a good thing,” she emphasised. “And it’s not just small goods, it’s things like medical supplies and the like; and that’s great news.”

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