You can use our table of awarded contracts to find out about all direct contracts awarded and contractor contact details.

Contract numberPackage descriptionProjectContractor/Supplier nameContractor/supplier websiteContract award dateCurrent contract value
9000-0220Data Centres and Infrastructure RequirementsProgramDXC Technology Australia Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0066Yuggera Ugarapul People PPP Geotech, Cultural Heritage Survey - new 2019ProgramMaranoa Civil 2019$500K to $1M
9000-0287Verification Services for Henry Parks CrossingP2NBarker Ryan Stewart Pty 2019$100K to $250K
4130-0012Systems Engineering, Integration and Safety AssurancePPPHKRP Australia Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0034Geotechnical Investigations, Environment Surveys, Ecological, Bushfire Impact and Property Assessments - G2KPPPEMM Consulting Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0239Professional Labour Hire ServicesK2ARBFortade Group Pty 2019$10K to $50K
9000-0286Specialist Signalling Design ContractorP2NVertex Rail Pty 2019$50K to $100K
9000-0092Environmental Management SystemProgramAnstat Pty 2019$500K to $1M
4130-0004Gowrie to Kagaru Public Private Partnership Transactions Advisory ServicesPPPCalcutta Group Pty 2018$1M to $5M
4130-0002Geotechnical Data CollectionPPPGolder Associates Pty Ltd 2018$25M Plus
9040-0002Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)T2A / A2IKellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltdwww.kbr.comSeptember 2017$10M to $15M
9000-0002Probity Management ServicesProgramO'Connor Marsden & Associates Pty 2016$1M to $5M
NSW-04009Environmental StrategyProgramWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comSeptember 2014$250k to $500K
NSW-04013Engineering and Technical ServicesProgramWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comSeptember 2014$1M to $5M
NSW-04040Procurement Delivery Strategy FacilitationProgramEverything Infrastructure Group Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comSeptember 2014$250k to $500K
9000-0304Funding Agreement - Social Investment Program, STEM EventProgramThe University of 2019$50K to $100K
9000-0130Protection Officers for N2NSN2NSComplete Asset Management Pty 2019$10K to $50K
2600-0020Cost Consultant - Separable Portion 1 sectionN2NSRider Levett Bucknall QLD Pty Ltdwww.rlb.comOctober 2019$250k to $500K
2700-0003LiDAR and Imagery CaptureNS2BRPS Australia East Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comOctober 2019$50K to $100K
9000-0031Construction Water Consultancy, Environment and Drought Assessment ServicesProgramGolder Associates Pty Ltd 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0265Independent Sustainability Services ProviderProgramLosee Consulting Pty 2019$500K to $1M
9000-0277Utilities and Third Party Agreement Management ServicesProgramConstruction Project Management Pty 2019$5M to $10M
9000-0290Toowoomba Office Fitout - DesignProgramStruXi Design Pty 2019$10K to $50K
9000-0293Environment Services Panel - B2G | P2NProgramCardno (QLD) Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0301Cultural Heritage Services ProviderProgramCultural Heritage 2019$1M to $5M
2400-0025Independent Project Leadership Group (PLG) MemberP2NB.M.D. Constructions Pty. Limited and Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd and Flagstaff Consulting Group Pty | | 2018$250k to $500K
3200-0006ISA Services Feasibility Design Tunnel SystemsG2HCertifier Australia Pty LtdNot availableOctober 2018$100K to $250K
2400-0012Construction ContractP2NB.M.D. Constructions Pty. Limited & Fulton Hogan Construction Pty | | 2018$25M Plus
2600-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 3)N2NSWSP Australia Pty Limited and Mott MacDonald Australia Pty Limited
trading as IRDJV | www.wsp.comOctober 2017$25M Plus
2300-0002Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)S2PLycopodium Infrastructure Pty Ltdwww.lycopodium.comOctober 2017$1M to $5M
2400-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 3)P2NMott MacDonald Australia Pty Limited & WSP Australia Pty Limited trading as | www.wsp.comOctober 2017$20M to $25M
9000-0313Environmental Impact Statement Air Quality Peer ReviewProgramKatestone Environmental Pty Ltdwww.katestone.globalNovember 2019$10K to $50K
9000-0316Lease Arrangements - New South Wales, Queensland and VictoriaProgramHouston Kemp Pty Ltdwww.houstonkemp.comNovember 2019$250k to $500K
9000-0163Strategic Property ConsultingPPPSturgeon Consulting 2019$0K to $5K
9000-0310Toowoomba Office Fitout - Project ManagementProgramStruXi Design Pty 2019$10K to $50K
9000-0309Toowoomba Office Fitout - WorkstationsProgramUCI (QLD) Pty 2019$50K to $100K
9000-0323Aconex Contract RenewalProgramOracle Corporation Australia Pty 2019$1M to $5M
1100-0006Stakeholder Engagement ServicesT2AI.E. Community Pty 2019$250k to $500K
3100-0002Cadastral SurveyB2GDownes Group Pty 2018$100K to $250K
9000-0147IBM DOORS Requirements SoftwareProgramOlive Grove IT Pty LtdNot availableNovember 2018$10K to $50K
9000-0049Land Access Consultancy ServicesProgramSLC Australia Pty 2017$1M to $5M
2499-0002Steel Rail SupplyP2NOneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltdwww.libertygfg.comNovember 2017$15M to $20M
NSW-04025Scheduling ServicesProgramAdvisian Pty Ltdwww.advisian.comNovember 2014$500K to $1M
NSW-04088Probity Advisory ServicesProgramProcure Group Pty 2014$250k to $500K
2400-0016Cadastral Surveyor Services for Land Acquisition SurveysP2NCasey Surveying and Design Pty LtdNot availableMay 2020$50K to $100K
2400-0017Cadastral Survey Services PanelP2NPremise Australia Pty Ltd 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0320Signalling DesignN2NSArcadis Australia Pacific Pty ltd 2020$1M to $5M
9000-0368Archaeological Service Provider - Cultural Heritage Management PlanProgramHeritage Consulting Australia Pty Ltd 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0405Geotech Cored Samples VideosProgramMohworks Films 2020$10K to $50K
9010-0004Utility Locating and SurveyingT2AVeris Australia Pty Ltd 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0076Cost and Contract Solution Managed Solution AgreementProgramARES Corporation Australia Pty Ltdwww.arescorporation.comMay 2019$5M to $10M
9010-0002Overhead Utility SurveyT2AUAM Pty 2019$100K to $250K
2600-0007Hook and Pull Services for Sleepers DeliveryN2NSPacific National Services Pty 2019$1M to $5M
2600-0009Hook and Pull Services for Steel Rail DeliveryN2NSPacific National Services Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0013Project Economic 2018$500K to $1M
QLD-04758Cadastral Survey - QLD Border to CalvertB2G / G2H / H2CDownes Group Pty 2016$250k to $500K
9020-0005Essential Energy WorksN2NSMackie Civil Pty 2020$1M to $5M
NSW-04436Data and Application ServicesProgramAnsaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd 2020$100K to $250K
NSW-05962Signalling Documentation Assessment, Rectification and TestingP2NAldridge Signal Infrastructure Pty Ltdwww.railsignal.comMarch 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0141Property Valuation Services - N2NProgramDonoghue Property Valuations & Consultancy Pty 2020$50K to $100K
9000-0159Professional Services, Data Review and Provision of Level Crossing AssessmentsN2N / K2ARBLevel Crossing Safety Management Services Pty LtdNot availableMarch 2020$50K to $100K
9000-0162Property Valuation ServicesProgramFraser Valuerswww.fraservaluers.comMarch 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0259LiDAR and Imagery Capture - NS2B | B2G | G2H | H2C | C2K | K2ARBProgramAAM Pty Ltdwww.aamgroup.comMarch 2020$250k to $500K
NSW-05362Timber Sleepers AssessmentN2NSGHD Pty 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0356Brisbane Office - Fitout - Electrical ServicesProgramOne Electrical Contracting 2020$10K to $50K
2600-0014Steel Rail DeliveryN2NSOneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltdwww.libertygfg.comMarch 2019$500K to $1M
9000-0139Project Management Office ServicesProgramTurner & Townsend Pty Ltdwww.turnerandtownsend.comMarch 2019$25M Plus
2500-0002Adjusted Cadastral Surveying ServicesN2NRPS Australia East Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comMarch 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0218Brisbane Office - Fitout - Project ManagementProgramGenerate Property Group (QLD) Pty 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0227Program Property ManagerProgramIceni Group Pty 2019$250k to $500K
2600-0013Steel Rail SupplyN2NSOneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltdwww.libertygfg.comMarch 2019$25M Plus
3300-0003Gatton Office - FitoutH2CImpact Shopfitters & Joinerswww.impactshopfitters.comMarch 2019$100K to $250K
2700-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy ServicesNS2BAECOM Australia Pty Ltd and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Future Freight Joint Venture | www.aurecongroup.comMarch 2018$10M to $15M
2400-0021Ballast and Capping DeliveryP2NCalvani Crushing Pty LtdNot availableMarch 2018$500K to $1M
9000-0051Procurement Planning Development ServicesProgramInfraSol Group Pty 2018$500K to $1M
2400-0013Ballast and Capping SupplyP2NCalvani Crushing Pty LtdNot availableMarch 2018$1M to $5M
2400-0020Culverts DeliveryP2NHolcim (Australia) Pty 2018$1M to $5M
2200-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)I2SMott MacDonald Australia Pty Limited & WSP Australia Pty Limited trading as | www.wsp.comMarch 2018$5M to $10M
2400-0003Sleepers SupplyP2NRocla Concrete 2018$20M to $25M
2400-0005Culverts SupplyP2NHolcim (Australia) Pty 2018$10M to $15M
9000-0007Estimating Support ServicesProgramAquenta Consulting Pty Ltdwww.jacobs.comMarch 2017$1M to $5M
9020-0003Geotechnical Investigation Services - QuarryProgramChadwick 2017$250k to $500K
QLD-04629Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)C2KJacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd and GHD Pty Ltd trading as SLR | 2016$500K to $1M
3198-0001Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)B2GAECOM Australia Pty 2016$1M to $5M
9020-0001Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)I2S / NS2BWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comMarch 2016$1M to $5M
NSW-04477Program Biodiversity Offset StrategyProgramCO2 Australia 2016$10K to $50K
NSW-04151Geotechnical InvestigationsN2NSCoffey Geotechnics Pty 2015$500K to $1M
NSW-04152Geotechnical InvestigationsP2NGHD Pty 2015$250k to $500K
9000-0166Data Cabling Works Brisbane Final WorksProgramAustralian Data Industries Pty Ltd 2020$0K to $5K
9000-0403Modification Process AgreementA2ITransgrid 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0411Sustainability Dashboard UpgradesProgramEdge Environment Pty Ltd 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0413Air Quality and Coal Dust Management PlanProgramKatestone Environmental Pty Ltdwww.katestone.globalJune 2020$50K to $100K
9020-00133D VisualisationsN2NSPeek, JasonNot availableJune 2020$10K to $50K
9050-0002Geotechnical InvestigationsNS2BConstruction Scienceswww.constructionsciences.netJune 2020$500K to $1M
9000-0363Toowoomba Office - Cleaning ServicesProgramLindchris InternationalNot availableJune 2020$50K to $100K
NSW-05130Timber Analysis and Compliance AssessmentProgramADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd 2020$5k to $10K
1100-0004Built Heritage AssessmentsT2AJacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltdwww.jacobs.comJune 2019$10K to $50K
2500-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)N2NJacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd and GHD Pty Ltd trading as JacobsGHD IR Joint | 2018$15M to $20M
4130-0001Advisory Services 2018$5M to $10M
9000-0087Marketing and Communication ServicesProgramOPR Agency Pty 2018$1M to $5M
NSW-04311Graphic Design ServicesProgramKingfisher Creativewww.kingfisher.agencyJune 2015$100K to $250K
1100-0008Environmental Approvals and StudiesT2AAECOM Australia Pty 2020$1M to $5M
2100-0009Hazardous Materials InspectionPPPHibbs & Associates Pty Limited 2020$10K to $50K
2600-0028Expert Panel, Independent Review and Environmental Impact StatementN2NSBMT Commercial Australia Pty Ltd 2020$50K to $100K
3200-0010Utility Locating and Surveying for Toowoomba TBM Power ConnectionG2HUtility Mapping (Aust) Pty Ltd 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0060Stakeholder Engagement Support ServicesProgramNation Partners Pty Ltd 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0318NSW Biodiversity Offset Site Identification ProgramProgramNiche Environment and Heritage Pty Ltdwww.niche-eh.comJuly 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0319Survey Adjusted Cadastral Model and Resumption PlansProgramSaunders Havill Group Pty Ltd 2020$500K to $1M
9000-0412Labour Skills Demand Modelling - B2G | G2H | H2C | C2K | K2ARB | T2A | A2I | I2S | S2P | N2N | NS2BProgramTurner & Townsend Pty Ltdwww.turnerandtownsend.comJuly 2020$50K to $100K
9000-0428Survey Adjusted Cadastral Model and Resumption PlansB2GRPS Australia East Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comJuly 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0429Safety Accreditation and Assurance AdviceProgramRGB Assurance Pty Ltd 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0430Government and Public Affairs AdvisersProgramGRACosway Pty Ltd 2020$10K to $50K
9050-0003Geotechnical InvestigationsB2G / T2AMacquarie Geotechnical Pty Ltd 2020$1M to $5M
9050-0004Geotechnical InvestigationsProgramCoffey Services Australia Pty 2020$0K to $5K
NSW-04689Ground Survey - LiDAR ValidaitonNS2BRPS Australia East Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comJuly 2020$10K to $50K
NSW-04944Hazardous Materials InspectionA2IBloor Rail Pty Ltd 2020$0K to $5K
NSW-06101Estimate Services for Signalling WorksP2NWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comJuly 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0264Funding Agreement - Community Mental Health PartnershipProgramDarling Downs and West Moreton Primary Health Network 2019$250k to $500K
2400-0028Independent Environmental Auditing ServicesP2NNGH 2019$10K to $50K
2498-0001Engineering, Design and Environmental Consultancy ServicesP2NGHD Pty 2015$1M to $5M
2698-0001Engineering, Design and Environmental Consultancy ServicesN2NSGHD Pty 2015$1M to $5M
NSW-04317Detailed Survey Early Works Bridges and CulvertsP2NRPS Australia East Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comJuly 2015$100K to $250K
9000-0279Transaction and Commercial Advisory Services - B2G | P2N | N2NSProgramInfrastructure Advisory Group Pty 2020$1M to $5M
9000-0235Track Slew Safework SurveyT2ASafeworking Solutions Pty 2020$50K to $100K
9000-0317Utilities Survey ServicesN2NSMinStaff Survey Pty Ltdwww.minstaffsurvey.comJanuary 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0326Field Supervision of Project Activities SurveyProgramEverick Heritage Consultants Pty 2020$250k to $500K
9020-0010NextGen Interface WorksN2NSNextGen Networks Pty 2020$1M to $5M
NSW-04871Protection OfficersN2NSPure Rail Pty 2020$250k to $500K
1100-0007Track Slew Topographical SurveyT2AMeadows Consulting Pty 2020$100K to $250K
2600-0012Existing Utility SurveyN2NSConstruction Scienceswww.constructionsciences.netJanuary 2019$500K to $1M
9000-0138Track Engineering ServicesT2A / A2IKellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltdwww.kbr.comJanuary 2019$100K to $250K
NSW-04027Strategic Technical ScopingG2H / H2C / C2KWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comJanuary 2015$1M to $5M
NSW-04029Geotechnical ServicesProgramCoffey Geotechnics Pty 2015$50K to $100K
9000-0216Estimating Support ServicesProgramJacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltdwww.jacobs.comFebruary 2020$500K to $1M
9000-0065Cultural Heritage Management Plans - B2G | N2NSProgramCultural Heritage 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0333Cultural Heritage Services Provider - NS2B ProgramCultural Heritage 2020$500K to $1M
9000-0325Archaeological and Heritage Services, Geotechnical Investigations and Technical Assistance - B2G | N2NSProgramNiche Environment and Heritage Pty Ltdwww.niche-eh.comFebruary 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0350Toowoomba Office FitoutProgramWJT Builders Pty 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0210Above Ground Powerline Adjustment Project - T2A, A2I and S2P ProgramUDEC Pty 2019$250k to $500K
2400-0015Essential Energy WorksP2NMackie Civil Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0021Operational Rail Noise AssessmentProgramSLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltdwww.slrconsulting.comFebruary 2018$1M to $5M
2598-0001Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)N2NGHD Pty 2016$1M to $5M
9030-0001Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)G2H / H2CArup Pty 2016$1M to $5M
NSW-04590Land Access Consultancy Services - New South WalesA2I / I2S / S2P / P2N / N2N / N2NS / NS2BSLC Australia Pty 2016$500K to $1M
QLD-04589Land Access Consultancy Services - QueenslandB2G / G2H / H2C / C2K / K2ACSLC Australia Pty 2016$500K to $1M
9000-0072Cultural Heritage Management Plans - NS2BProgramSandlewood Aboriginal Projects LimitedNot availableDecember 2019$0K to $5K
4130-0009Insurance Advisory ServicesPPPSenyth Advisory Pty 2018$100K to $250K
9000-0140Survey Management ServicesProgramMonteath & Powys Pty 2018$1M to $5M
4130-0007Project Cost Planning and Scheduling Advisory ServicesPPPRider Levett Bucknall QLD Pty Ltdwww.rlb.comDecember 2018$1M to $5M
9000-0075Procurement Evaluation ToolProgramCommerce Decisions Pty Ltdwww.commercedecisions.comDecember 2018$500K to $1M
3200-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)G2HAECOM Australia Pty Ltd and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Future Freight Joint Venture | www.aurecongroup.comDecember 2017$15M to $20M
3300-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)H2CAECOM Australia Pty Ltd and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Future Freight Joint Venture | www.aurecongroup.comDecember 2017$10M to $15M
3400-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)C2KAECOM Australia Pty Ltd and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Future Freight Joint Venture | www.aurecongroup.comDecember 2017$10M to $15M
3500-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2)K2ARBAECOM Australia Pty Ltd and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Future Freight Joint Venturewww.hatch.comDecember 2017$5M to $10M
2400-0006Hook and Pull Services for Steel Rail DeliveryP2NGenesee & Wyoming Australia Pty Ltdwww.gwrr.comDecember 2017$1M to $5M
9000-0010LiDAR Acquisition and NSW Primary Corridor Control SurveyProgramAAM Pty Ltdwww.aamgroup.comDecember 2016$500K to $1M
2400-0036Audit Testing Ballast MaterialP2NK. & H. Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd 2020$10K to $50K
2600-00293D Interactive DevelopmentN2NSJason PeekNot availableAugust 2020$5k to $10K
4130-0015Field Works Preliminary Site Investigations - G2KPPPAurecon Australasia Pty Ltd 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0426STEM Education PartnershipProgramThe University of 2020$500K to $1M
9000-0431Utility Early WorksG2HInterlink Pty LtdNot availableAugust 2020$500K to $1M
9000-0435Environmental ServicesProgramBMT Commercial Australia Pty Ltd 2020$0K to $5K
9000-0439Gatton Office Upgrade WorkProgramWJT Builders Pty 2020$5k to $10K
9000-0272Funding Agreement - Social Investment Program, STEM ScholarshipProgramLa Trobe 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0271Funding Agreement - Social Investment Program, STEM ScholarshipProgramThe Trustee for Charles Sturt University Foundation 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0273Funding Agreement - Social Investment Program, STEM ScholarshipProgramUniversity of Southern 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0280Executive Search Firm AssignmentProgramBeilby Downing Teal Pty 2019$50K to $100K
9000-0110Geotechnical, Utility and Survey Services - G2H | N2NS | S2P | T2AProgramConstruction Scienceswww.constructionsciences.netAugust 2019$10K to $50K
9000-0157Estimating and Signalling Support ServicesP2NRanbury Management Group Pty 2019$250k to $500K
9000-0152Inland Rail Connections Options AssessmentProgramTSA Management Pty Limitedwww.tsamgt.comAugust 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0090Archaeological and Environmental ServicesProgramEnvironmental Resources Management Australia Pty Limitedwww.erm.comAugust 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0098Sustainability Advisor and Independent Stakeholder Engagement ReviewerProgramRPS Manidis Roberts Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comAugust 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0252Brisbane Office - Fitout - Construction Management ServicesProgramShape Australia (QLD) Pty 2019$5M to $10M
9000-0270Protection OfficersA2IWeedmasters Pty LtdNot availableAugust 2019$5k to $10K
9000-0275Telstra Design ServicesProgramConstruction Project Management Pty 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0281Inland Rail Skills AcademyProgramIngersoll 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0284Utilities Environmental ApprovalsN2NSMirait Technologies Australia Pty. 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0282Cultural Heritage Services ProviderProgramNiche Environment and Heritage Pty Ltdwww.niche-eh.comAugust 2019$50K to $100K
4130-0005Probity Advisory ServicesPPPBDO (QLD) Pty 2018$50K to $100K
4130-0003Legal Advisory ServicesPPPKing & Wood Mallesonswww.kwm.comAugust 2018$1M to $5M
9000-0003Legal Services for Environmental and Planning and Construction and ContractsProgramClayton Utzwww.claytonutz.comAugust 2016$10M to $15M
9000-0123Website Designer ProgramBang the Table Pty Ltdwww.bangthetable.comAugust 2015$100K to $250K
NSW-03973Property Acquisition Consultancy ServicesProgramMaloney Field Services (Australia) Pty 2014$100K to $250K
NSW-03989Marketing ServicesProgramThe Red Agency Pty Ltd 2014$100K to $250K
NSW-04003Aerial Mapping ServicesProgramAAM Pty Ltdwww.aamgroup.comAugust 2014$500K to $1M
9000-0288Funding Agreement - Community Mental Health PartnershipProgramMurrumbidgee Primary Health 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0283Personal Protective Clothing and Safety ClothingProgramRSEA Pty 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0395Noise Attenuation WorksProgramABC Property Services Pty Ltd 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0177Professional Services, Management and Commercial Support for Rail NegotiationsProgramInfraSol Group Pty 2020$250k to $500K
9000-0358Artefact Salvage - P2NProgramArtefact Heritage Services Pty 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0096Environment Site Assessment for Wagga Properties (Phase 1)N2NAECOM Australia Pty 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0100Operational Noise Modelling and Technical Specifications - B2GProgramSLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltdwww.slrconsulting.comApril 2020$100K to $250K
9000-0103Property Consultancy Services, Level Crossing Closures and Noise Attenuation ServicesProgramTactix Group Pty 2020$1M to $5M
9000-0324Telecommunication Design ServicesProgramConstruction Project Management Pty 2020$1M to $5M
9020-0011Skills Modelling PilotN2NSTurner & Townsend Pty Ltdwww.turnerandtownsend.comApril 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0354Brisbane Office - CleaningProgramGlad Commercial Cleaning Pty 2020$100K to $250K
9030-0013Make Good Requirements for 65-67 Neil Street ToowoombaProgramCooper Comercial Pty 2020$10K to $50K
9000-0367Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Preventative MaintenanceProgramSure 2020$0K to $5K
9000-0225Queensland Contestable Water / Sewer DesignProgramFJA Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd 2020$50K to $100K
9020-00123D Modelling and Visualisation - NS2BProgramPeek, JasonNot availableApril 2020$10K to $50K
2600-0004Sleepers SupplyN2NSRocla Concrete 2019$10M to $15M
4130-0010Virtual Data RoomPPPAnsarada Pty Limitedwww.ansarada.comApril 2019$250k to $500K
9000-0231Brisbane Office - Fit out - Engineering ServicesProgramBuilding Services 2019$50K to $100K
9000-0215Systems Assurance Advisor - Public Private PartnershipProgramHKRP Australia Pty 2019$100K to $250K
2600-0015Sleepers SupplyN2NSAustrak Pty Ltdwww.austrak.comApril 2019$20M to $25M
9000-0229180 Ann Street Interior DesignerProgramEllivo Architects Pty Ltdwww.ellivo.comApril 2019$100K to $250K
9000-0165Property Legal Advisory ServicesProgramLander & 2019$1M to $5M
9000-0250Risk Management Support Services - ERMS 2019$500K to $1M
3100-0001Technical and Approvals Consultancy Services (Phase 2) B2GAECOM Australia Pty Ltd and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Future Freight Joint Venture | www.aurecongroup.comApril 2018$15M to $20M
2400-0004Ballast and Capping SupplyP2NAusrock Quarries Pty Ltdwww.ausrockquarries.comApril 2018$5M to $10M
2400-0019Ballast and Capping DeliveryP2NAusrock Quarries Pty Ltdwww.ausrockquarries.comApril 2018$1M to $5M
2400-0008Hook and Pull Services for Sleepers DeliveryP2NPacific National Bulk Rail 2018$1M to $5M
2400-0009Turnouts SupplyP2NMartinus Rail Pty 2018$1M to $5M
9000-0011Communications and Engagement StrategyProgramGRACosway Pty Ltd 2017$100K to $250K
NSW-04602Flood Modelling ServicesN2NKellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltdwww.kbr.comApril 2016$250k to $500K
NSW-04634Flood Modelling ServicesI2S / NS2BSMEC Australia Pty Ltdwww.smec.comApril 2016$250k to $500K
QLD-04669Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)K2ARBWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comApril 2016$1M to $5M
9040-0001Engineering and Environmental Services (Phase 1)T2A / A2I / S2PWSP Australia Pty Limitedwww.wsp.comApril 2016$1M to $5M
8435-0002Technical and Engineering Advisory ServicesProgramARUP Pty Ltd & SMEC Australia Pty | www.smec.comApril 2016$25M Plus
NSW-04591Operations SpecificationProgramPalazzi Rail Pty 2016$100K to $250K
NSW-04644Cadastral Boundary ModellingI2S / NS2BCardno (NSW/ACT) Pty 2016$50K to $100K
NSW-04654Cadastral Boundary ModellingN2NRPS Australia East Pty Ltdwww.rpsgroup.comApril 2016$250k to $500K
NSW-03872Melbourne Brisbane Inland Rail Project Proposal Report and Financial/Economic 2014$1M to $5M


T2A – Tottenham to Albury, Vic
A2I – Albury to Illabo, NSW
I2S – Illabo to Stockinbingal, NSW
S2P – Stockinbingal to Parkes, NSW
P2N – Parkes to Narromine, NSW
N2N – Narromine to Narrabri, NSW
N2NS – Narrabri to North Star, NSW
NS2B – North Star to NSW/Qld Border
B2G – NSW/Qld Border to Gowrie, Qld
G2H – Gowrie to Helidon, Qld
H2C – Helidon to Calvert, Qld
C2K – Calvert to Kagaru, Qld
K2ARB – Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton, Qld

PPP – Gowrie to Kagaru Public Private Partnership comprising
Gowrie to Helidon, Helidon to Calvert, and Calvert to Kagaru

Program – Pertains to contracts relating to the delivery of several
projects across the Inland Rail program


The information in this table is provided for information purposes-only and may not be an accurate reflection of all direct contracts awarded by ARTC. All information in this table is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information in this table. The information in this table may not be reproduced or published elsewhere without the prior written consent of ARTC.


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