Powerline works Violet Town

On 15 December 2023, McConnell Dowell will be replacing or extending some power poles and cables on locations along the North East rail line.



15 December 2023 - 15 December 2023

Working hours



Locations along the North East rail line

  • Violet Town
Local Government Area
  • Strathbogie Shire Council

Work being done

To enable the safe running of double-stacked freight trains more height clearance between the rail and powerlines is required in some locations along the North East rail line in Violet Town.

To achieve this, McConnell Dowell will replace or extend some power poles and cables to create the required clearance.

What can I expect

  • Construction noise during the day
  • Traffic management and reduced speeds will be in place during some works, which may cause traffic delays
  • Trucks and other vehicles entering and exiting construction sites, may cause minor traffic delays
  • Heavy machinery and equipment operating onsite
  • Delivery of materials and equipment
  • Any directly affected properties will be notified by AusNet if interruptions to power supply are expected.

Machinery used

Power trucks, crane, elevated work platforms and light vehicles will be used within the works areas.

How we’re managing impacts

  • Water carts will be onsite to wet down areas to assist in managing dust
  • Traffic controls will be in place, where required.


Phone: 1800 929 244

Email: victoriaprojects@artc.com.au

Post: 39 Bakehouse Road, Kensington, Vic 3031

Construction map showing the powerline works in Violet Town on 13 December 2023

Powerline works area in Violet Town on 13 December 2023