Reducing social isolation through modern-day games

A group of boardgamers from Benalla feel like winners after receiving an Inland Rail Community Sponsorships and Donations grant to purchase studio equipment and trading card games for their inclusive group, Room at the Table, also known as RATT.

Room at the Table President Carla Gardner in the studio where live stream board games are played

RATT President Carla Gardner said the self-proclaimed gaming geeks met regularly to reduce social isolation and make connections with like-minded people.

“We started the group in 2016 as two families getting together to play modern boardgames. I have three autistic children and through games we could make connections with others, in a way that they were comfortable with,” she said.

Since 2016, the group has grown to around 50 people who come together to play modern board games, role playing, trading card games and costume making.

The grant will be used to purchase studio equipment to develop live streams of people playing board games and various tabletop roleplaying games, as well as set up a trading card game library.

“When we talk about games we are not talking about Monopoly or card games like snap, we are talking about Ticket to Ride, Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Magic: the Gathering and online roleplaying games which we can run from the studio.”

The group meets regularly at the Benalla Gliders Club in their own rooms but because not all members can attend, providing an online option ensures activities can continue even when there are Covid restrictions.

“We also have members from other areas outside of Benalla. Room at the Table provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved and have fun.”

Find out more about Inland Rail’s Community Sponsorships and Donations program by clicking here.

IMAGE: Room at the Table President Carla Gardner in the studio where live stream board games are played

Room at the Table studio where live stream board games are played


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