Regionerate Rail chosen to deliver Gowrie to Kagaru section

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) today announced Regionerate Rail, a consortium comprising Clough, GS Engineering and Construction, Webuild (formerly Salini Impregilo), Service Stream and Plenary Group, as the preferred bidder to deliver the Inland Rail Gowrie to Kagaru section.

Visualisation of a proposed viaduct structure on the Gowrie to Helidon Project

The section is made up of the Gowrie to Helidon, Helidon to Calvert and Calvert to Kagaru sub-projects and requires the construction of three tunnels, including the 6.2km tunnel through the Toowoomba Range, numerous viaducts, bridges and crossing loops to build a new dual gauge track traversing Toowoomba, the Lockyer Valley, Ipswich and the Scenic Rim.

The selection of the preferred bidder is an important step for the project and one which puts ARTC in a position to start detailed design discussions with Regionerate Rail and share information with the community.

ARTC Inland Rail Chief Executive Rebecca Pickering said the decision to select Regionerate Rail followed a two-year process with the best of international expertise applying to be part of this project.

“Regionerate Rail will bring international experience and innovation to deliver the world-class engineering solution required to traverse the Great Dividing Range. This is the type of iconic project that Regionerate Rail will use to showcase their credentials when chasing future contracts,” Mrs Pickering said.

Environmental approvals

ARTC Inland Rail will continue to work closely with the Coordinator-General, and other Queensland Government agencies, to ensure the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the project are appropriately managed.

The Coordinator-General is currently evaluating the Gowrie to Helidon and Helidon to Calvert project’s draft Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and the public submissions and feedback from advisory agencies. A request for additional information has been received from the Coordinator-General for the Calvert to Kagaru project.

Regionerate Rail will take an active role in this process by ensuring concerns raised by communities along the alignment and the Coordinator-General are sufficiently considered through the development of their design and associated management plans.

What you can expect in 2022

ARTC Inland Rail will hold design discussions with Regionerate Rail throughout 2022.

During this period, we will organise and facilitate meetings required between Regionerate Rail, local councils, key regional authorities and our communities regarding Regionerate Rail’s detailed proposal. We will also maintain continuity of our relationships with our stakeholders.

We will work together with Regionerate Rail to keep you informed of any changes as this phase of the project progresses, and ensure the project is delivered to the highest standard.

ARTC Inland Rail will continue to be your point of contact for any enquiries or feedback – please call us on 1800 732 761, email or contact your local Gatton or Toowoomba-based Inland Rail community engagement representative.

IMAGE: Visualisation of a proposed viaduct structure on the Gowrie to Helidon Project.