Robotics kit gives students a leg-up in STEM

Wangaratta region primary school students are boosting their hi-tech learning skills with a new Sphero Robotics kit thanks to grant funding from Inland Rail’s Community Sponsorships and Donations program.

Appin Park Primary School

Since returning to school in October, after months of remote learning, years 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Appin Park Primary School welcomed the chance to try out their new learning tools. 

Students are using the kit to learn to write computer code, play games using infrared communication, and remotely navigate ball-like robots around purpose-built obstacle courses. 

Appin Park Primary School Principal, Fiona Carson said the robotics kit is a wonderful resource for the school. 

“These clever spheres enable our students to develop skills they’ve previously not been given an opportunity to try out,” Mrs Carson said. 

“By using the Sphero Bolt Kit, we believe our students have the potential to be leading the way in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) when they progress to secondary school and beyond.

“It’s been a great new resource to welcome the students back to classroom learning. Like much of our local community, life back at school, after the easing of COVID restrictions, has seen many challenges. However, our staff and students have collectively adapted well.

“Our dedicated and professional staff have supported students to familiarise themselves with the new technology and provide the best pathway possible for them to continue their educational journey.”

Year 6 student Mitch Feltman has enjoyed trying different ways to use the robotics kit. 

“We have learnt how to free drive them using a finger on an iPad to drive them around a track and we made, using masking tape on the floor,” he said. 

“After we got the hang of free driving, our teacher Mr Arnold, got us to start programming using Block Code. After a few attempts we have managed to get our Sphero to drive around a course we designed all by itself. It is very hard to get it right first time!”

Find out more about our Community Sponsorships and Donations Program here.    


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