Stockinbingal to Parkes project update May 2021

This month, we will be sharing with the community our finalised detailed designs for the crossing loop at Daroobalgie and track lowering at Wyndham Avenue road bridge.

Updated design for Daroobalgie.

The designs incorporate community feedback resulting in:

  • an upgrade to the Daroobalgie Road level crossing
  • replacement of old culverts to mitigate flooding on neighbouring land
  • assurance for emergency services and local residents to have access
  • provision to silence bells overnight at the new level crossing to reduce noise impacts.

Planning for construction has commenced and we will consult with stakeholders and the local community about impacts and proposed mitigations including noise, vibration, traffic impacts and hours of work.

The project team is also working on updating the reference designs for Lachlan River Bridge and the seven sites between Stockinbingal and Forbes requiring horizontal clearance works to allow the passing of double-stacked freight trains. A Multi Criteria Analysis was undertaken for each of these sites. Community feedback sought during our April drop-in sessions has been considered alongside the engineering, cost, environmental impact and feasibility and constructability of the options assessed. The local community also told us about the importance of protecting local heritage. As a result, our proposed modifications to Forbes Rail Station and the Milvale water tank minimises impacts to the heritage values of these structures.

Meanwhile, we are progressing the reference design to modify the Lachlan River Bridge, and we will continue to inform the community as we progress through this stage of the project.

The Review of Environmental Factors (environmental approvals documentation) for Lachlan River Bridge and horizontal clearances will be on public display for 21 days at the end of 2021 and people are invited to make formal submissions at this time.

The community has also asked many questions about level crossings. On existing rail corridors, including the Stockinbingal to Parkes alignment, ARTC does not assess level crossings for treatment, as enhancement works in these areas are not expected to impact the existing crossing structures.

Inland Rail takes level crossing matters seriously. We advocate on behalf of local communities for those rail-road interfaces not within the project scope to relevant local and state government departments.

We encourage you to raise concerns about level crossings in your community with the ARTC Enviroline by email or phone 1300 550 402, as well as your local council.

As we continue our planning, field investigations and surveys are ongoing for the project on public land, in road reserves and in the rail corridor. Any investigations on private property will be arranged with individual landowners. All investigations are weather permitting and subject to change, but you can see what’s happening on our works and planning page.

Image: visualisation of updated design for Daroobalgie.

Please note: Project visualisations are for illustrative purposes and not to scale. The Reference Design may change as a result of further investigations, government approvals or during detailed design.

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