Seymour-Avenel Road works kick-off

Works have started in Seymour as we prepare to replace the Seymour-Avenel Road bridge with a new higher structure in the same location to allow the safe running of double-stacked freight trains.

Site compound at Seymour Avenel Road for Inland Rail

Our construction partner, McConnell Dowell, has established a worksite and is constructing a temporary road to allow business and local traffic to access Granville Drive.

The Seymour-Avenel Road bridge will be closed from January 2024 for approximately 12 months or until works are safely completed.

Traffic will be detoured via Avenal Road and High Street, Seymour.

The design of the new bridge includes a 35-metre span, about 3.2 metres higher than the existing structure and incorporates earth embankments sympathetic to the surrounding environment and retaining walls to reduce impact on Avenel Road.

Construction of the new bridge is expected to be completed in 2025.

Drone shot of offices arriving at Seymour-Avenel Road site.

Offices arrive at Seymour-Avenel Road site.

Image (top) caption: Works are starting at Seymour-Avenel Road.



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