Regional business gains a competitive global advantage

More flexibility and more distribution channels for pet nutrition company

Inland Rail will improve the connectivity for Australian producers and businesses to their markets - providing a more efficient link to and from capital cities and major ports to help our businesses be even more competitive globally.

For Australian pet food producer, Staughton Group, product distribution and supply of ingredients is everything – that means making their high-quality product and getting it out to market as efficiently as possible.

So, when Managing Director Edward Staughton discovered an Inland Rail hub was being built close to their facility, he was excited by the opportunity to do business even more competitively in the Australian and global markets.

Our ingredients business in particular is a high-volume operation. Being so close to the Inland Rail hub will really open up our distribution and supply chain.
Edward Staughton

The group prides itself on being an innovative company in the pet nutrition space, producing the highest quality Australian pet food ingredients on a large scale. But the distances their ingredients and products have to travel around the country end up being a major business cost. 

Edward Staughton
Edward Staughton
Edward Staughton
Edward Staughton

That’s why Edward believes the efficiencies offered by Inland Rail will help their competitiveness into the future. And in turn, will benefit their customers.

“Inland Rail will deliver us more opportunity to grow by bringing us closer to the capital cities and our export markets in the ports into the future.”
Edward Staughton

The company mostly produces a fresh product, so the resilience and reliability of transporting freight by rail makes a lot of sense. As does having access to alternate routes across country, offering more flexibility and distribution options than ever before.

Long term, Edward believes Inland Rail will create a much more connected Australia. And for regional businesses like his, it will make distribution to the major markets more financially viable.

This is our opportunity.

This is our Inland Rail.

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