Signal surveys completed from Wallan to Seymour

The Tottenham to Albury project team secured a nice early works win recently, checking all signal clearances along the alignment from Wallan to Seymour as part of ARTC’s 60-hour rail occupation this month.

Rail workers carrying out signal surveys on the track

Two crews of surveyors, armed with GPS devices and hand tools and working under the watchful eyes of Track Protection Coordinators, completed these important works in two days. The teams determined which signals may need to be relocated or changed to allow future double-stacked freight trains to pass by.

Survey coordinator, Project Engineer Tanishq Sarkar praised crews for completing the work to a high standard while abiding by strict COVID-19 safety measures.

“All precautions against COVID-19 were taken on site, with crews observing 1.5m distancing, wearing face masks and Personal Protective Equipment while electronic sign-in was completed for all workers,” Tanishq said.

“We’ve now captured all the clearance data needed to continue planning for construction, as part of the Tottenham to Albury project.”

Construction of the Tottenham to Albury first tranche of works is due to start in 2021.

Signal surveys on a rail track.

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