Snake bite prevention

Trans4m Rail has partnered with the Moree Aboriginal Medical Service Pius X Aboriginal Corporation (Moree Pius) to train and educate our outdoor staff in snake bite first aid.

Trans4m Rail staff practice their snake bite first aid bandaging skills

Several species of venomous snakes live in the plains of Northern New South Wales. They pose a significant risk to our outdoor workforce year-round. Since the commencement of early works in January this year, workers have reported several venomous snake sightings. 

To mitigate the risk of snake bites, our crews have been led through practical workshops and training in snake bite first aid by medical professionals from Moree Pius. Trans4m Rail has taken steps to ensure that all vehicles on site are fitted with general first aid and snake bite kits to enable immediate response in the field. 

These workshops and resources form part of a great partnership with our local community and provide our workforce with the education and practical skills necessary for working in regional and rural areas.

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