Am I eligible to apply for funding?

    You are eligible to apply for funding if you meet the following three criteria:

    1. Your organisation and/or community group is located in the local government areas along the Inland Rail alignment and nominated for inclusion; is a not-for-profit organisation and incorporated, and; has appropriate insurance and governance structures

    2. The project or initiative for which funding is sought: relates to one or more of the priority areas nominated by Inland Rail; contributes to regional or community sustainability, and; is short-term and one-off

    3. Your application form is completed in full, signed by an appropriate person and submitted along with mandatary attachments.

    Please refer to the Guidelines for further details.

    How much can I apply for?

    Funding requests should be between $1,000 - $4,000 AUD. 

    What types of things can I apply for?

    Funding will be considered for events, projects and activities that support community and regional prosperity and sustainability. 

    Examples of events, projects and activities may include community resilience-building days; establishing a mentoring program for young entrepreneurs in the area; hosting guest speakers at a local Chamber breakfast.

    Do you part-fund an application?

    Part-funding is not encouraged, however Inland Rail reserves the right to make part payments if the assessment panel recommends as an exceptional circumstance.

    Can I make more than one application at the same time?

    Yes, an organisation can make multiple applications in each round, however bear in mind this approach adds to the competition for available dollars in each round.

    Can I apply multiple times over the years?

    Yes, organisations may apply in multiple rounds.  Previous funding won by the organisation will be taken into consideration in future rounds. Eligible, but unsuccessful applications may be resubmitted in subsequent rounds if the organisation chooses to do so. Check that quotes and insurance certificates are still current and update accordingly prior to re-submitting.

    How long is funding likely to be available?

    This initiative is expected to continue for the duration of the Inland Rail Program however may be reduced or end in areas where construction is completed and Inland Rail is operational.

    Why is Inland Rail giving sponsorships?

    Inland Rail is committed to supporting our communities’ sustainability. 

    Providing sponsorships and donations aims to work with community organisations and groups to meet their priorities through a range of events, projects and activities. 

    What does Inland Rail want in return for the financial support?

    Acknowledgement of ARTC Inland Rail is a requirement of receiving any funding.  How acknowledgement is generated will be agreed between Inland Rail and the funding recipient. 

    Examples of acknowledgement may include:

    Placement of the Inland Rail logo on the recipient’s website alongside information about the event, project or activity

    Statement highlighting receipt of funding in any written or verbal communication about the event, project or activity.

    Can I spend the money on something else?

    Any funding provided must only be spent on the activities, events or projects identified in the application. Successful organisations will be required to enter into a legal agreement with ARTC Inland Rail prior to receiving funding and this will stipulate the specific funding parameters. Evidence of expenditure will be required once the project, event or activity is completed.

    Why does the application form want so much information?

    The application form outlines all necessary due diligence which is required when expending public monies. 

    Who decides on the successful applicants each round?

    An internal assessment committee reviews all applications received in each round. The committee comprises staff from various Inland Rail departments, including Community Engagement, Social Performance, Cultural Heritage, Communications, Marketing, and Project Teams. This ensures local knowledge and understanding is included in each assessment process. 

    I was eligible so why didn’t I receive funding?

    This is a competitive process with applications considered as part of four rounds each year. Given limited funding availability, not all applications will be successful. Applications may be resubmitted in subsequent rounds, however there is no guarantee of funding.

    Why are Melbourne and Brisbane not eligible areas for funding?

    Inland Rail is choosing to support regional areas along the alignment rather than municipalities of Melbourne and Brisbane, in order to maximise the intended benefits of the available funds.