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We ran a series of information sessions in March across our North East communities to take locals through our draft Urban Design Framework and get their feedback.

Zac Cvitkovic, AECOM Associate Director, Urban Design

More than 150 people attended, providing us with valuable insight into what’s important to them when it comes to the draft urban design vision, principles and specific objectives for Inland Rail project sites in their communities.

In Glenrowan, we heard the following aspects are key:

  • Heritage and amenity – any structure needs to respect the heritage precinct
  • Safety – for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Connectivity – Beaconsfield Parade is a key connection point across the railway line

In Wangaratta, you told us these things are most important:

  • Safety – station environment must be safe for people, including those moving through the proposed underpass
  • Parking – ensuring any changes consider future growth and development
  • Accessibility – allowing for comfortable and easy use

In Benalla, these were the common themes conveyed:

  • Safety at the station for vehicles, busses, and passengers
  • Enhancing the sense of arrival at Benalla Station
  • Visually connecting the township with the station
  • Heritage – respecting and honouring what is already here

In Euroa, you told us these things are most important:

  • Connection for community and people movement
  • Visual presence – that any structures enhance rather than detract
  • Amenity allowing for comfortable use
  • Heritage – respecting and honouring what’s already here
  • Safety – both reality and perception
  • Environmentally sustainable design, future proofing

In Broadford, we heard the following elements are important:

  • Adequate sighting distances at Hamilton Street for motorists and ensuring safe intersection arrangement at High Street
  • Desire for pedestrian pathways to receive improved connectivity at Short Street and Hamilton Street bridges
  • Ensure design mitigates black ice at Hamilton Street for driver safety
  • Replant any removed trees at Ferguson Street South

In Wandong, you told us these things are key:

  • Driver safety – safe road grades and minimising impacts to surrounding properties
  • Heritage – minimise impact to local heritage in the Wandong project area
  • Environment – minimise or avoid loss of trees along railway.

From 19 April to 17 May 2021, we’ll also be seeking your feedback on our Planning Scheme Amendment application. Read our fact sheet for more information.

For more information on the Urban Design Framework, read our fact sheet.

What is an Urban Design Framework?

We chatted with AECOM Associate Director, Urban Design, Zac Cvitkovic to find out.

Urban Design Framework Fact Sheet

Urban design framework

Urban design brings a strategic design approach to how your towns and cities are planned and developed. Within the Inland Rail Tottenham to Albury project, urban design seeks to balance the functional rail requirements of the project with facilitating outcomes that are consistent with town and precinct design planning aspirations.

Download PDF

Planning Scheme Amendment factsheet

Planning Scheme Amendment

The Planning Scheme Amendment is a change to the relevant Planning Scheme (in this instance the Whittlesea, Mitchell, Strathbogie, Benalla, Wangaratta and Wodonga Planning Schemes) to apply a project specific planning control which will remove the need for separate permits.

Download PDF

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