Traffic changes and road closures, Glenrowan

From January 2023 to early 2024, our contractor McConnell Dowell has ben engaged to undertake construction of the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge for the Inland Rail project  



January 2023 - March 2024

Working hours

7am to 6pm, seven days a week


Beaconsfield Parade bridge

  • Glenrowan
Local Government Area
  • The Rural City of Wangaratta

Work being done

Construction of the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge.

What can I expect

Throughout construction residents, businesses and road users in Glenrowan will see traffic changes in and around Beaconsfield Parade bridge and may experience delays.
Beaconsfield Parade bridge

  • Access will be maintained throughout construction.
  • The bridge will be reduced to one lane with traffic lights to manage shuttle flow. This will remain until the new bridge is completed in 2024.
  • Beaconsfield Parade between Church and Siege streets will be closed to traffic, with detours in place. Pedestrian access will be maintained.
  • Traffic speed will be reduced to 40km/h over Beaconsfield Parade bridge.
    Woolshed Road
  • The northern end of Woolshed Road will be closed with access for local traffic only until the new bridge is completed in 2024.
  • Bus and vehicle parking will be diverted to Kate Street during this time.
    Siege Street West
  • Will be closed with access for local traffic only until the project is completed in 2024.
  • This is the main entry point to access the McConnell Dowell construction site compound.

Kate, Church, Kelly and Gladstone streets

  • Will be impacted by ongoing utility work with occasional work required around residential and business driveways. This is expected to continue for the next six months.
  • Gladstone Street works are almost complete.

Pedestrian impacts

  • No changes other than access into Woolshed Road from the northern end being closed.
  • Parking will remain unaffected in Gladstone Street. Construction vehicles will be directed to park at the site compound on Siege Street West.

Heavy vehicles

  • Heavy and light vehicles will follow the same approved detour routes. A further update on this will be provided for B-Doubles.


Phone: 1800 929 244


Visit: 39 Gladstone Street, Glenrowan

Beaconsfield Parade bridge changed traffic conditions

Image of the changed traffic conditions for the Beaconsfield Parade bridge in Glenrowan