Understanding Civil Works

Since late 2020, Inland Rail has been working with the construction sector to identify a suitable civil works contractor to undertake the design and construction of the Narromine to Narrabri project.

Construction happening on the Parkes to Narromine project

Civil Works are those construction activities that prepare the rail corridor and surrounding worksites for the track to be laid. Civil Works do not include Rail Works or Signalling Works.

Civil Works comprise a broad range of construction activities such as:

  • setting up security, worksite temporary and permanent fencing, signage and site offices; 
  • construction of embankments and cuttings (including placement of general fill, structural fill and capping);  
  • construction of bridges and viaducts, culverts, and drainage; 
  • constructing maintenance access roads, public and private roadworks. 
  • relocating existing or installing new utilities; and 
  • completing remediation, demolition, clearing, excavating and material haulage.

While we are not yet at the procurement stage, we invite any interested suppliers to create or update their supplier profile on ICN Gateway. For more information, visit our supplier page. 

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