Wangaratta investigative works

From 17 June 2022, our Early Delivery Activities contractor McConnell Dowell will complete road condition and user investigations around the Green Street rail overpass, Wangaratta.



17 June 2022 - 24 June 2022

Working hours

7am to 6pm


Green Street rail overpass

  • Wangaratta
Local Government Area
  • The Rural City of Wangaratta

Work being done

Works will include traffic count monitors being laid across the road in various locations.

What can I expect

  • Consultants will briefly need access to the roadway to set and collect the traffic count monitors.
  • Monitors will be laid and collected during gaps in the traffic to limit disruptions to the public.
  • Some traffic management officers will be present to ensure safe access to road users and our consultants.

Machinery used

  • Support vehicles will be used within the works area.

How we’re managing impacts

  • Traffic controls will be in place, where required.
  • Reducing number of vehicles required onsite at any given time.


Phone: 1800 732 761


Traffic count monitors

Map showing road condition and user investigations at the Green Street rail overpass, Wangaratta


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