We’re making progress on the Environmental Impact Statements

Steady progress is being made with the Coordinator General (CG) on each of the three Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for the Gowrie to Kagaru section.

Calvert to Kagaru engagement team with the EIS binders

We are working with the CG to address their feedback as part of finalising the draft EIS documents for the Gowrie to Helidon, Helidon to Calvert and Calvert to Kagaru projects.

We expect draft EIS documents for Calvert to Kagaru and Helidon to Calvert to be released to the public in late 2020 with the Gowrie to Helidon draft EIS to be released in early 2021.

We will keep you updated and provide notification prior to the start of each project’s draft EIS public notification period.


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