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We have received plenty of feedback from communities along the project alignment, particularly around our urban design framework, as we continue to shape the design of the station precincts we’ll need to modify. 

Community pop-up at the corner of High Street and Powlett Street, Broadford

Through our regular community pop-ups, working group meetings and engagement with key stakeholders including local councils, we are developing a clear understanding of what matters to local communities. 

You’re welcome to attend any of the community consultation sessions we’ll be hosting across seven locations in March and provide feedback on what’s important to you when it comes to the design of your station precincts.  

Here’s a summary of the key themes which are important to communities across North East Victoria for Inland Rail. 


  • a wider and safer Short Street bridge in Broadford
  • provide for pedestrian access, including for children, at Broadford’s Hamilton Street bridge. 
  • improve safety at the Broadford/Wandong Road and Rail Street intersection through T-intersection  


  • potential loss of mature vegetation and associated open spaces at Short Street in Broadford
  • retain the semi-mature oak tree planting, due to its contribution to the landscape at Wandong. 


  • local businesses, like accommodation providers, providing services to workers during construction.
  • interest in employment opportunities during all phases of the project. 


  • preserve the Pickett Walk Community Garden in insert; a cherished landmark given its connection to the 2009 bushfires. 
  • enhance the appearance of Hamilton Street bridge in Broadford so that it‘s sympathetic to the town setting. 


  • concerns with visibility when driving onto the current Anderson Street bridge
  • the current pedestrian underpass poses risks for bicycle, disability, and mobility scooter traffic.


  • vehicle connectivity for Hinton Street and Railway Street.
  • the construction of the extra train line in the 1960s created an island station and bridge design, which has made it difficult to use.


  • recreational vehicle parking should be considered.

Visual amenity:

  • current bridge structure is visually unappealing
  • design a more open and attractive rail precinct. 

Safety and accessibility:

  • safety of patrons and pedestrians using the station area, particularly with cars and buses turning outside the station building
  • access to the station needs to be accessible for all patrons, including disability access
  • the existing pedestrian underpass is dark, narrow and does not feel safe to move through. 
  • the vehicle bridge leading to the station is steep and has poor sightlines, particularly when driving to the top of the bridge and exiting onto Mackellar Street.  

Heritage and amenity:

  • the Benalla station building has significant heritage value and forms part of the heritage character of Benalla 
  • the existing vehicle overpass between Mackellar Street and the station is unappealing and detracts from the precinct’s visual amenity 
  • provide a more visually attractive station precinct connecting both sides of the railway. 

Safety and access:

  • Wangaratta station precinct needs to feel safe for everyone and needs to be accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and people using mobility devices
  • Wangaratta station needs to connect the town’s central business district and its health precinct.


  • Beaconsfield Parade bridge at Glenrowan is visually unappealing and unsafe for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Beaconsfield Parade in Glenrowan is an important connection between both sides of the railway and is used by a variety of vehicles including cars, cyclists, school buses and heavy vehicles. 


  • the heritage character of the Wangaratta station building and structures, including the existing foot bridges, is highly valued by the community
  • in Glenrowan, the nationally iconic Ned Kelly siege site is important to tourism, local businesses and residents, and is a significant part of Glenrowan’s heritage character. Designs need to support future planning to enhance this site.

Visit the Events page for more information about upcoming consultation sessions.

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