Works and planning

The existing Albury to Illabo track requires upgrading to allow the safe running of double-stacked freight trains. To achieve this, work could include lowering or shifting the track or raising, widening, replacing or removing bridges.

To ensure safety and a wider passage for double-stacked container trains, some signalling structures, power poles and other infrastructure will need to be moved further away from the track. We will also need to remove rundown and out-of-use structures in the clearance zone.

To find the best solution, we have been investigating the local environment and considering all possible alternatives; studying road traffic movements, the usability of existing rail structures, and how works may affect local communities and existing track users. In the past year, we have undertaken preliminary studies and spent time speaking with communities and landowners along the rail corridor.

Some of the work we have completed so far includes:

  • undertaking preliminary field studies such as ecology, geotechnical and heritage studies to gain an understanding of the existing environmental features, technical challenges and opportunities
  • conducting an engineering desktop study to gain an understanding of issues and opportunities within the project area
  • meeting with landowners and other stakeholders to gain a better understanding of local opportunities, impacts and conditions
  • working with councils, industry and the community to better understand the local environment.

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