The Calvert to Kagaru draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) public display commenced on Saturday 19 December 2020 and concluded on Monday 8 March 2021.

For more information about the EIS process and next steps, visit the Queensland Coordinator-General’s website.

How to view the draft EIS

You can view the draft EIS online at

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Our project team is still available to discuss the project if you have any questions. Please call us on 1800 732 761 or email

Calvert to Kagaru EIS Summary of Findings

Calvert to Kagaru EIS summary of findings

A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been prepared for the Calvert to Kagaru Project. The EIS describes the Project, considers potential environmental, social and economic impacts of the Project, and identifies measures to avoid, minimise and mitigate these impacts.

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Your consultative committee

A Community Consultative Committees (CCC) has been established for local communities in the Calvert to Kagaru area.

This CCC provides a forum to share project information, discuss topics of interest, and address any issues or community concerns. Importantly, it also provides an opportunity for community representatives to share their knowledge and experience on key issues with the Inland Rail team.

Scenic Rim CCC      Learn more about CCCs

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