We are committed to working with landowners and stakeholders in the Helidon to Calvert communities to receive their feedback as we progress our planning.

To date, our team has spoken with many affected landowners, neighbours and communities and received lots of valuable feedback. Locals have been generous in sharing their knowledge of the area through one-on-one discussions, briefings, meetings, workshops, surveys, research and comments on the interactive map on our website.

Our community information sessions have discussed topics like:

  • findings relating to our rail alignment and reference design investigations
  • engineering and environmental impacts including noise, vibration and air quality
  • information about the property acquisition process
  • concept visualisations of the design


There are no open consultations.

There are no closed consultations.

Upcoming consultations

The Committee holds regular meetings. Observers are welcome, however registrations are recommended.

To register, please contact the team by phoning 1800 732 761.

Your consultative committee

A Community Consultative Committees (CCC) has been established for local communities in the Helidon to Calvert area.

This CCC provides a forum to share project information, discuss topics of interest, and address any issues or community concerns. Importantly, it also provides an opportunity for community representatives to share their knowledge and experience on key issues with the Inland Rail team.

Lockyer Valley CCC    Learn more about CCC

Leave your feedback on the interactive map

We have developed an interactive map of the current project design. Drop a pin on the map to add your comment. Your feedback will help us get a better understanding of key issues from a community perspective.


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