Works and planning

The Helidon to Calvert section of Inland Rail will be built predominantly within the existing rail corridor and the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Gowrie to Grandchester protected rail corridor. A study area has been identified to consider refinements.

Work is expected to include building:

  • 47km of new dual gauge track
  • an 850-metre long tunnel (approximately)
  • 30 bridges, including:
    • 26 rail bridges (with 12 rail bridge crossing roads and 1 grade separated rail bridge crossing rail)
    • 3 road bridges crossing rail in Helidon and Gatton
    • 1 grade separated pedestrian bridge crossing rail in Gatton
  • crossing loops at Helidon, Gatton, Laidley and Calvert.

Watch a fly-through of the project

Get a birds-eye view of the Helidon to Calvert project. The fly-through is for illustration purposes and for discussion during community consultations.

Current and upcoming field investigations

Last updated 3 June 2022.

Location/s Type of work Timing Contractor What to expect
Gowrie to Kagaru Hydrology Ongoing ARTC / FFJV Contact to collect flood data from the February/March event.
Gowrie to Kagaru Ecology surveys Ongoing EMM Consulting Contractor conducting walk overs on properties located on and near the alignment, as agreed.
Gowrie to Kagaru Groundwater monitoring Ongoing Golders Contractors and vehicles driving along the alignment to check groundwater monitoring bores on public and private properties.
Gowrie to Kagaru Surface water monitoring Ongoing Golders Contractors collecting water quality data from waterways relevant to the projects, generally in line with the monitoring sites outlined in the draft EIS’s.
Gowrie to Kagaru Koala genetics survey Upcoming Inland Rail, Environmental Resources Management Australia (ERM) and University of Sunshine Coast (USC) Field investigations of koala populations along the alignment. Field teams of two research ecologists and a koala detection dog.


To get a sense of what your community will look like after the project has been completed, check out our visualisations of the proposed design.

Visualisations are for illustrative purposes and not to scale

Warrego Highway, Grantham

Off Beavan Street, Gatton

Douglas McInness Drive, Laidley

Calvert School Road, Calvert

In 2017, the Australian Government confirmed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model would be used to deliver this project as part of the Gowrie to Kagaru section of Inland Rail.

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