We are supporting people and businesses in the Illabo to Stockinbingal area with opportunities to work, learn and grow their business.

Sponsorship of community organisations

We are pleased to support local community groups to run events and activities through our Community Sponsorships and Donations Program.

We offer four open rounds of funding each year.

Initiatives we have funded include purchasing community items, such as:

  • upgrading a scoring bench at the Junee Basketball Association recreation centre
  • supporting a new online infrastructure for the WIRED Lab in Cootamundra
  • helping the Rotary Club of Cootamundra with a garden improvement project
  • installing a new vegetable garden for the students at Illabo Public School

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Scholarships for local university students

The Inland Rail Scholarship Program supports students from local communities through their full undergraduate course.

We have partnered with Charles Sturt University, the University of Southern Queensland and La Trobe University to offer scholarships to regional students pursuing studies and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and related fields. Students who live along the Inland Rail route are invited to apply for scholarships valued up to $20,000, or the equivalent of $5,000 for every year of study during the undergraduate degree.

Indigenous people and those experiencing financial hardship are particularly encouraged to apply for assistance.

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