The Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton project is in the reference design stage


Environmental and site investigations continue to occur during reference design stage as we consult with property owners, councils and other key stakeholders. Our ongoing investigations include:

  • geotechnical and ecological studies
  • flooding and hydrology studies
  • noise, air quality and vibration surveys
  • social and heritage surveys

Environment planning and approvals

We have submitted an application to the Office of the Coordinator-General for their consideration of Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton as a ‘coordinated project.’

A number of factors may lead to a project being declared ‘coordinated’, including complex approvals and environmental and infrastructure requirements. If the project is declared a ‘coordinated project’, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is needed.

We will advise local communities of the outcome and provide details of our upcoming consultation program upon the Coordinator-General reaching a decision. We will seek your input about the project via a variety of channels, including information sessions.

Process to assess Queensland major projects

A flow chart detailing the approval process for major projects in Queensland, including opportunities for public input.

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Learn more about what’s involved in the reference design stage.

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