The Narrabri to North Star section of Inland Rail will upgrade 186km of existing rail corridor and construct 2.3km of new track near Camurra, New South Wales.

This project crosses the three local government areas of Gwydir, Narrabri and Moree Plains.
Due to its scale and complexity, this project is broken into two sections:

Phase 1: Upgrading 171km of track
This section includes upgrading 171km of track between Narrabri and North Star, excluding works over the Mehi–Gwydir floodplain.

Phase 2: Upgrading 15km of track and building 2.3km of new track
This section includes upgrading 15km of track crossing the Mehi–Gwydir floodplain and building 2.3km of new track at Camurra to bypass the existing hairpin turn.

Rail safety

As construction continues, more trains will be running on the track, day and night, to deliver steel rail and concrete sleepers. We ask all landholders, motorists and communities around Edgeroi, Bellata, Gurley, Moree, Crooble, Milguy, Croppa Creek and North Star to be extra vigilant around level crossings.

Keep safe by stopping at all rail crossings, looking and listening for trains, and obeying all warning signals and signs before proceeding.

For your safety, please do not enter the rail corridor or the construction sites. Please use added caution when driving or walking and observe signage.



Upgrade and new track


186km upgrade track
2.3km new track

Anticipated works

Upgrading existing track and building new track to bypass hairpin turn at Camurra


Phase 1: Detailed design
Phase 2: Reference design

Project map

The track begins in Narrabri, passing through Edgeroi, Bellata, Gurley, Moree, Camurra, Crooble, Milguy, Croppa Creek and on to North Star.


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Narrabri to North Star project fact sheet

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