Works and planning

The final proposed rail alignment for the Narromine to Narrabri section builds on 15 years of engineering and environmental investigations by some of Australia’s most trusted consultants, robust community engagement and constant design refinements.

A reference design of the railway corridor and structures has been proposed and submitted as part of the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

ARTC will continue to refine the design using feedback from local communities and councils, technical consultants and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). While some early investigation have commenced, major construction will not begin until all regulatory approvals have been received.

Building Inland Rail’s longest stretch of new rail corridor will involve millions of cubic meters of earthworks for new embankments, the installation of thousands of culverts, road realignments and utility relocations. The current design features 12 active and 51 passive level crossings, 75 new bridges and viaducts and seven crossing loops, each up to 2.2km long.

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Preferred Southern Civil Works Program proponents awarded

In late 2021, we appointed the ACCIONA and CPB Contractors Joint Venture (ACACPB JV) as the preferred proponent for the Southern Civil Works Program.

This section of Inland Rail involves construction of approximately 306km of new single track. The line extends from Narromine to Narrabri in north west New South Wales and is the longest section of Inland Rail.

ACACPB JV was selected following rigorous evaluation and demonstrated their capability to deliver the right technical solution while also providing significant lasting benefits for local communities along the alignment.

Next steps

We’re committed to ensuring the design of Inland Rail meets the highest environmental, safety and community standards in line with State and Australian government approval processes.

While appointing a preferred proponent prior to receiving planning approvals is common practice, major construction will not start until statutory approvals have been received.

Primary approvals are expected in the second half of 2023. We will continue to keep the community updated about the process and opportunities to meet ACACPB JV, as they undertake detailed design and gear up for construction.

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Project fly-throughs

Get a bird’s-eye view of part of the Narromine to Narrabri section of Inland Rail.

The four Narromine to Narrabri fly-through videos include the proposed rail alignment, bridges, cuttings and embankments, and public crossings.

Please note that the reference design may change as a result of further investigations, government approvals, or during the detailed design phase.

Details on fencing, maintenance access roads or potential changes to level crossings are not included in the fly-through videos.

Narromine to Narrabri fly-through #1

Narwonah Siding Road, Narromine to Bardens Road, Curban

Narromine to Narrabri fly-through #2

Bardens Road, Curban to Manai Road, Baradine

Narromine to Narrabri fly-through #3

Manai Road, Baradine to Dog Proof Fence Road, The Pilliga

Narromine to Narrabri fly-through #4

Dog Proof Fence Road, The Pilliga to Newell Highway, Narrabri


Check out some visualisations of the Narromine to Narrabri alignment.

These images are illustrative and not to scale. They are based on the reference design and may change as a result of further investigations, government approvals or during the detailed design stage of the project.

Macquarie River, Narromine

View looking west.

Macquarie River Bridge Macquarie River Bridge

The Island Road, Narrabri

View looking north-east over The Island Road and Narrabri Creek.

The Island Road and Narrabri Viaduct The Island Road and Narrabri Viaduct

Pilliga Forest, Baradine

View looking north over the forest and Cumbil Road.

Cumbil Road and Pilliga Forest Cumbil Road and Pilliga Forest

Kamilaroi Highway, Narrabri

View looking South East over the Kamilaroi Highway, Narrabri.

View looking South East over the Kamilaroi Highway, Narrabri Illustration of a view looking South East over the Kamilaroi Highway, Narrabri

Narromine to Narrabri Options Report

This Options Report summarises the process, inputs and decisions made by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to assess alternative options and identify the Study Area for the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail (Inland Rail) between Narromine and Narrabri.

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