This 39km section of Inland Rail connects North Star in New South Wales to the Queensland Rail South Western System on the NSW/QLD border.

The project includes upgrading 25km of non-operational rail line and 14km of new track across the Macintyre River, allowing for future connections to Goondiwindi and the broader region. It follows the old track towards Boggabilla and then crosses the river along the border before joining the existing rail line in Queensland.

The project is currently in the reference design stage. During this time, we are conducting various studies and consulting with landowners and other key stakeholders to better understand potential issues and opportunities around the Macintyre River crossing.



Upgrade and new track


14km new track
25km upgraded track

Anticipated works

Building new track across the Macintyre River and upgrading existing track


Reference design

Project map

The route tracks from North Star across the Macintyre River then joins the existing QR South Western Rail line.

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Interactive map

We have developed an interactive map of the current project design. The interactive map is now closed for comment, thank you for your feedback.

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NS2B Social Pinpoint Map

North Star to NSW/QLD Border project fact sheet

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