Local communities and landowners have been contributing to our understanding of this section of Inland Rail since early 2016.

Since the proposed alignment was endorsed, we have been meeting with local communities, landowners and stakeholders to discuss next steps.

We encourage you to get involved in the process and invite you to contact the project team for more information and to provide feedback at any time.


Consultation events


The are currently no upcoming consultation events.

Your consultative committee

A Community Consultative Committee (CCC) has been established for local communities in the North Star to NSW/QLD Border area.This CCC provides a forum to share project information, discuss topics of interest, and address any issues or community concerns.

Importantly, it also provides an opportunity for community representatives to share their knowledge and experience on key issues with the Inland Rail team.

North Star to NSW/QLD Border CCC   Learn more about CCC’s

Leave your feedback on the interactive map

We have developed an interactive map of the current project design. Drop a pin on the map to add your comment. Your feedback will help us get a better understanding of key issues from a community perspective.


North Star to NSW/Qld Border EIS summary of findings document cover thumbnail

North Star to NSW/Queensland Border EIS summary of findings

The North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project summary of findings provides a high-level overview of each chapter of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It summarises the major findings of the technical studies and shows where in the draft EIS more detailed information can be found.

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