We are committed to working with communities and stakeholders to get your feedback as we progress our planning. To date, we have met with many affected landowners, neighbours and communities and received lots of valuable feedback.

Our conversations with the community have included everything from one-on-one meetings with residents to catch-up events at farmers markets and working groups.

Important topics we have focused on include:

  • how the proposed works will be adapted to the local environment
  • how these changes may affect the way you travel in your community
  • what you can expect to see during construction of the project sites
  • when the double-stacked freight trains are expected to start operating on the rail line.

We have also been engaging with councils, industry, and rail and road agencies to work on design solutions that support the wider community.

Each local government area in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme, governed by the Planning and Environment Act 1987. We will request that the Minister for Planning approve Planning Scheme Amendments under this Act.  Communities will have opportunities to provide feedback on proposed amendments at various stages of the process.

Benalla Working Group

The Benalla Working Group is helping us determine the Mackellar Street bridge final design at Benalla Station. Find out how community feedback is shaping this site in Benalla.

Benalla Working Group

Euroa Working Group

The Euroa Working Group is helping us determine the Anderson Street bridge reference design. Find out how community feedback is shaping this site in Euroa.

Euroa Working Group

Leave your feedback on the interactive map

We have developed an interactive map of the current project design. Drop a pin on the map to add your comment. Your feedback will help us get a better understanding of key issues from a community perspective.

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T2A Interactive Map

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