North East Victoria

As part of the Tottenham to Albury project, work will be undertaken along the existing rail corridor through North East Victoria.

There are five sites that require rail track to be lowered or bridges to be raised to allow safe clearance for the double-stacked trains that will be using this line. Work on this section is now underway.

The five sites are:

  • Euroa Station Precinct, Euroa
  • Benalla Station Precinct, Benalla
  • Beaconsfield Parade Bridge, Glenrowan
  • Wangaratta Station, Wangaratta
  • Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North

Our team have been able to identify a preferred design solution for some of the sites. At sites we don’t have a preferred solution, we will continue to work with communities and stakeholders to progress planning.


Euroa Station Precinct, Euroa

At Euroa, there is not enough clearance under the Anderson Street bridge for double-stacked freight trains.

Right now, we’re looking at two options we believe are feasible for the precinct:

  1. replacing the current Anderson Street bridge with a straighter, safer alignment
  2. building an oversized vehicle underpass, which would involve removing the existing Anderson Street bridge and closing some access roads.

We continue to work with the community, Strathbogie Shire Council and other stakeholders to determine a way forward for this project site.

Benalla Station Precinct, Benalla

In Benalla, there is not enough clearance under the station overpass off Mackellar Street for double stacked freight trains.

What you’ve told us so far

After reviewing feedback from our stakeholders, we’re considering the following two options:

  1. Bridge replacement over the rail line further north of the station building: New batters and/or retaining walls would be necessary to allow for the higher bridge. The old bridge would be removed once the new bridge is completed.
  2. New platform, track realignment and upgrade pedestrian access at Benalla station: this option meets safety requirements of the whole precinct. It may also improve access to the station.

Where are we now?

Following valuable feedback from the community and Benalla Rural City Council, we are revisiting the design process for the Benalla railway precinct.

We recognise the need to work closely with the community to find a design solution that meets expectations and addresses local concerns.

This means that in the coming months we’ll be working closely with the Council and the Benalla Working Group to find the best solution to address local concerns.

Along with input from the community, the following factors will be considered when assessing options:

  • safety requirements
  • project scope
  • technical viability
  • construction impacts and operational safety
  • impact on freight and passenger operations
  • construction cost and timeline
  • environmental and heritage impacts
  • community and property impacts
  • feedback from key stakeholders, including VicRoads and emergency services

We acknowledge the community is eager to arrive at a solution, however we have plenty of time to work together to come up with a solution that meets requirements as best we can within scope and budget.

What’s next?

We are continuing to work closely with the community and Council in a structured Working Group process to fully understand what the community expects from the project and how this input can be incorporated.

We welcome feedback and encourage your involvement, so please keep in touch.


Benalla FAQs

Why are you making changes to Benalla Station?

In Benalla, there is not enough clearance under the station overpass off Mackellar Street for double stacked freight trains.

Does this mean there will be no more passenger trains in Benalla?

No, passenger trains will continue to run as normal.

When will construction start?

Construction for sites in Victoria are expected to commence in 2021 and will be delivered in two packages of works. Benalla is being delivered in the second package of works, and at this stage anticipated to commence in mid 2023. 

How can I provide input into the project?

We are committed to continuing to work with our communities and stakeholders.

You can also get in touch with us directly via the contact details on this page.

Does the community have a say in what is going to happen in Benalla?

Yes. We are committed to working with communities and stakeholders as we progress our planning. This engagement is vital to the success of Inland Rail and we welcome your participation.The Benalla Working Group comprises representatives of the community and Council.The Working Group will be a forum to help find a solution that meets the needs of the community within the scope and budget of the Inland Rail project. The working group will have wide representation from the community and members will be selected using criteria that demonstrates their commitment to community interests.

Beaconsfield Parade bridge, Glenrowan

In Glenrowan, there is not enough clearance under the Beaconsfield Parade bridge for double-stacked freight trains.

What you’ve told us so far

From late 2018 to early 2019 we consulted with the Glenrowan community on a design option to lower the track under the Beaconsfield Parade bridge by up to 2.3 metres.

Feedback from stakeholders, community members, heritage specialists and Heritage Victoria about the potential impacts on the community and the Ned Kelly Heritage Precinct of lowering the track led us to look at other options.

Currently, the proposed design is a bridge replacement in a new location at Beaconsfield Parade. This option has undergone technical and heritage assessments and is considered a viable option for protecting the precinct’s heritage. We will continue to work with the community regarding this proposal. While we may not be able to deliver everything the community is asking for, we are committed to doing as much as we can to incorporate community feedback.

Wangaratta Station Precinct, Wangaratta

At Wangaratta, there is not enough clearance under the two station foot bridges or under the Green Street bridge for double-stacked freight trains.

To increase clearance, we are proposing to:

  • remove the two Wangaratta Station footbridges and replace them with a single pedestrian underpass
  • lower the tracks and replace the Green Street road bridge abutments in the same location on the same alignment.
  • relocate the existing track and platform on the eastern side of Wangaratta Station so it sits parallel to the new track on the western side of the station.

Feedback received will help us develop the final design for Wangaratta Station.

What you’ve told us so far

  • quality transport connections are important for the whole community and must be accessible for all users
  • the existing footbridges are not very safe because they are exposed, slippery and steep
  • you would like the opportunity to better understand the pedestrian underpass options and how safety and security will be prioritised.
  • you would like us to consider the option of relocating the footbridge.

We are currently working through the concept designs as part of our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) delivery strategy. As part of this process contractors are engaged to review our plans and present options around engineering and construction as well as incorporating community feedback where possible. Sometimes the design finalised by the ECI contractors will closely resemble our preferred early design; in other cases there may be significant differences. 

We will work closely with the community and stakeholders throughout the design process to ensure community feedback is incorporated into the final designs wherever possible. 

Check out an example of a contemporary underpass

At Wangaratta Station we’re looking to remove both footbridges and replace them with one more centrally located connection. The proposed underpass will provide the Wangaratta community with the connectivity solution they’ve been asking for. The design ensures shared use for cyclists, pedestrians and mobility device users. It will be light, with internal and external lighting and an architecturally designed space.

Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North

At Barnawartha North, there is not enough clearance under the Murray Valley Highway bridge for double-stacked freight trains.

To increase clearance, we are proposing to lower the track by approximately 1.4 metres at the lowest point under the bridge.

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