The metropolitan Melbourne section is temporarily on hold while a study is undertaken to determine the location, configuration and timing of a new intermodal terminal in Melbourne.

Stage One: Beveridge to Albury

During the reference design stage, our team undertakes investigations and field studies and consults with communities and stakeholders to try to determine the preferred design for the works required.

Across all 12 sites, we have undertaken extensive field studies to gain an understanding of the environmental features, technical challenges and opportunities for each site. These have included:

  • ecology studies
  • built heritage studies
  • archaeology studies
  • Aboriginal (cultural heritage) studies
  • noise and vibration studies
  • air quality studies
  • geotechnical studies.

Landowners, neighbours and communities along this section of the rail line have also provided invaluable feedback that assists us developing our design options.

To date, our team have been able to identify a preferred design solution for most of the 12 sites. At sites we don’t have a preferred solution, we will continue to work with communities and stakeholders to progress planning.

State environmental assessment

Environment effects referral

In August 2020, the Minister for Planning confirmed the project wouldn’t require assessment through an Environment Effects Statement (EES). However, we’re required to:

  • complete an environment report, including potential impacts to flora and fauna, and planned measures to minimise these impacts during construction.
  • develop an environmental management framework, informed by the environment report.

The report and framework will be developed in consultation with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and must be accepted by the Minister for Planning before construction starts.

View the Environmental Effects Referral

Federal environmental assessment

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation referrals

We submitted two separate referrals, one for heritage and another for biodiversity.

In July 2020, Stage 1 of the Tottenham to Albury project was referred for assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) for Heritage Matters of National Environmental Significance at Glenrowan. The Heritage EPBC referral was accepted for consideration by the Federal Minister for Environment and the community were invited to comment. In August, the Minister for Environment determined the project could proceed without formal assessment and approval under the EPBC Act.

We then referred the Project under the EPBC Act for Biodiversity Matters of National Environmental Significance, excluding Glenrowan and Barnawartha North, which also invited community feedback. The Minister determined biodiversity matters for the project would require formal assessment and approval under the EPBC Act due to the proximity to some ecological habitats. This assessment will ensure the Tottenham to Albury project carefully manages works to minimise impacts within EPBC Act guidelines.

View the referrals on the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment’s website, alongside information about the process of assessment and decision-making under the EPBC Act.

View the EPBC Referral

Stage Two: metropolitan Melbourne

The section south of Beveridge, in metropolitan Melbourne, is currently on hold while a study is done to determine the location, configuration and timing of a new intermodal terminal in Melbourne.

The new terminal is a complementary development to Inland Rail and will be funded and delivered externally. Its location will determine if our current preferred reference design solution is appropriate.

We will resume our work on this section of the project once a decision is made.

Learn more about what’s involved in the reference design stage.

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