If you are a land or property owner living along new track developments in New South Wales and Queensland, you probably have some questions about how Inland Rail will impact you and your community.

We are here to help. We understand your concerns and are here to answer your questions. When we are working in your area you can expect us to behave as good neighbours and considerate guests.

We will be consulting with landowners and communities during environmental and planning assessment phases to talk about the route in more detail and how we will be managing construction works and impacts.

We welcome you to read more information about what you can expect if your property is on the Inland Rail alignment, explore our land access and property acquisition fact sheets, or simply contact us directly to have your say.

Property owner enquiries

If you are a property owner living along the Inland Rail alignment and want to talk with one of our team, please contact us. We are happy to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you might have.

Phone: 1800 732 761

Accessing properties for field studies

Field studies will be undertaken on land and properties across the Inland Rail alignment to determine the best possible route for building new track. During these studies, the team will be looking closely at:

  • flora, fauna and aquatic ecology
  • air, noise and water quality
  • soils, geology and groundwater
  • transport and traffic impacts
  • cultural, social and socio-economic impacts
  • landscape and land use.

Detailed information about what activities will be conducted—as well as anticipated timeframes, hours of work, types of equipment, and vehicles to be used—will be provided to landowners well in advance.

Landowner viewing map

Negotiating access to your property

If we determine that we need access to your property, we will be in touch to seek your written consent. This is referred to as a land access agreement. Once signed, this authorises our staff and subcontractors to access your property for the investigations and field studies indicated on the agreement.

We are committed to ensuring the least disruption as possible, so it’s important for you to raise any concerns you have when we are negotiating the land access agreement. For example, you may request that activity not take place until after important events like harvesting, or that a particular access road is used as the main point of entry.
Some examples of what you might wish to negotiate are:

  • the timeframe for the activity
  • the path of access
  • any biosecurity requirements
  • rehabilitation requirements.

Landowners are fully indemnified for any activities we conduct, with respect to any accident or damage, and comprehensive safety management processes will be in place for all activities undertaken on your property.

We will liaise with you throughout the field studies phase to make sure that all aspects of the land access agreement are adhered to.

Managing land access fact sheet

This fact sheet includes information about why Inland Rail needs land access, land access agreements, what activities Inland Rail may need to undertake and conditions of access. Information provided in this fact sheet applies to all Inland Rail projects.

Download PDF

The proposed route for Inland Rail is unlikely to change significantly in your area.

As work continues, you might see our teams working along the alignment and conducting various field studies as part of our environmental and planning assessment.

We will keep you notified of any planning applications relevant to your area and will let you know how you can provide input to the planning process. We are happy to meet with you to listen, understand and answer your questions in person.


Contact us to arrange a meeting

For new sections of track, we need to conduct comprehensive studies and detailed consultation with landowners and communities to refine the route.

If your property is located along new track, you can expect to be approached by our team as we reach out to discuss the work we are doing, and which field studies are required as part of our environmental and planning assessment.

Nothing will happen on your property without your permission and all access will be governed by a formal agreement with you.

We will keep you notified of any planning applications that are relevant to you and let you know how you can provide input to the planning process. We’re happy to meet with you in person to listen and answer your questions.


Contact us to arrange a meeting


Acquiring properties and compensating landowners

We understand landowners will be keen to discuss the specifics of land acquisition and compensation.

The property acquisition process starts when we are certain about what land is required for the final rail corridor. If your property, or part of it, is identified for acquisition, a representative will contact you to arrange a meeting and address any questions you might have.

The acquisition process differs between the states. Download the factsheets below for more detailed information.

Approach to property acquistion in NSW

Property acquisition in New South Wales fact sheet

This fact sheet is a general guide about the property acquisition process ARTC will follow for Inland Rail in New South Wales. Property acquisition processes in New South Wales are guided by state laws and separate processes apply for the property acquisition in other states.

Download PDF

QLD property acquisition Fact Sheet

Property acquisition in Queensland fact sheet

This fact sheet provides details about the land acquisition process ARTC will follow for Inland Rail in Queensland. The fact sheet includes information about when land will be acquired, how it will be acquired and how landowners will be assisted through the acquisition process.

Download PDF

Learn about Inland Rail in your area

Find out more

If you want to talk with one of our team about your property, please phone 1800 732 761 or email us:

In Queensland: inlandrailqld@artc.com.au
In New South Wales: inlandrailnsw@artc.com.au
In Victoria: inlandrailvic@artc.com.au

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