Building a sustainable future

Inland Rail is a reliable, sustainable and smart choice for Australia’s supply chain.

As our population and consumer needs continue to grow, we need rail to connect industry, manufacturers and producers to markets more efficiently. One 1,800m double-stacked freight train can carry the same amount of freight as 110 B-Double trucks. By sharing the freight load, we will reduce congestion on our roads and lower carbon emissions.

Through building Inland Rail, we are delivering a world-class infrastructure asset that will have a lasting positive legacy for generations of Australians.

Our commitment to sustainability

We aim to create long-term value and deliver Inland Rail with the best possible outcomes for local communities, the economy and the natural environment.

Seven key objectives and associated targets drive our performance at both program and project level. Our aim is to continually improve over time. Inland Rail publicly reports on our performance to stakeholders and the community in annual sustainability reports. Our key focus areas are:

  • leadership and governance
  • community and economy
  • environment and heritage
  • resource use
  • sustainable procurement
  • future operations
Inland Rail Annual Sustainability Report 2019-20 cover

Annual Sustainability Report 2019-2020

This is the second annual sustainability report for ARTC Inland Rail reporting on environmental, social and economic benefits realised during the 2019-2020 financial year and progress against key sustainability objectives and targets.

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Annual Sustainability Report 2018-2019

This report sets the baseline for the ARTC Inland Rail sustainability program going forward and commences annual public reporting of environmental and socioeconomic benefits realised during the design and construction of the program.

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Infrastructure Sustainability certification

We are members of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), the peak body for infrastructure sustainability. ISCA administers the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme through which Inland Rail has registered for a program rating.

The rating scheme evaluates the design, construction and operation of all our assets. Achieving an IS certification for each constructed project provides third party assurance that our sustainability claims are genuine and that we are delivering sustainable rail infrastructure.

View our registered projects on the ISCA website:

Parkes to Narromine

Narrabri to North Star Phase 1

Our Environment and Sustainability Policy sets out the practical measures we are taking to drive sustainable outcomes for the design and construction of Inland Rail.


View our Environment and Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainable Procurement Policy outlines our commitment to work with our supply chain to deliver measurable sustainability outcomes.


View our Sustainable Procurement Policy

Sustainability in rail

View a short video to see how we were able to reuse 300,000 tonnes of material in the construction of Inland Rail between Parkes and Narromine, NSW.

We encourage and support our suppliers to maintain strong sustainability practices

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