The first Inner Darling Downs Community Consultative Committee was established in December 2017 with 16 members, plus the independent Chair, who provided input and feedback into the Border to Gowrie and Gowrie to Helidon projects.

The two-year tenure of the Inner Darling Downs CCC concluded in late 2019. The renewed Committee was appointed in March 2020 for up to two years, or until the Border to Gowrie and Gowrie to Helidon projects have gained statutory approval.

Quick facts


December 2017

Renewed Committee appointed

March 2020

Aerial view of new corridor on Ganzer Morris Road from Morris Road, Gowrie, Queensland.

Areas represented

  • Brookstead
  • Pittsworth
  • Southbrook
  • Gowrie
  • Toowoomba

Previous meetings

Committee meetings

The Committee holds regular meetings. Observers are welcome, however registrations are recommended.

To register, please contact the team by phoning 1800 732 761.


Bill Armagnacq – Chair


Vicki Battaglia

Representation: Individual
Contact: or 0409 767 937

Gary Garland

Representation: Individual
Contact: or 0417 007 957

Paul Hanlon

Representation: Individual
Contact: or 0427 763 608

Chris Joseph

Representation: Individual
Contact: or 0427 718 056

Rob Loch

Representation: Pittsworth District Landcare Association
Contact: or 0419 713 193

Kev Loveday

Representation: Individual
Contact: or 0499 887 783


Paul McDonald

Representation: Southern Queensland Landscapes
Contact: or 0419 723 635

Lance MacManus

Representation: Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise
Contact: or 0427 935 987

Phoebe Mitchell

Contact: or 0438 064 996

Ken Murphy

Representation: Individual
Contact: or 0407 166 144

Kylie Schultz

Representation: Individual

Kate Venables

Representation: Individual
Contact: 0427 210 298

Clinton Weber

Representation: Individual

Brett Kelly

Representation: Individual
Contact: 0427 939 225

Inner Darling Downs CCC charter

The Inner Darling Downs CCC Charter sets out the scope of the Committee and expectation of behaviours.

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Find out more

If you have an enquiry about the Committee, please contact the project team by phone on 1800 732 761 or email

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